Vsp Truhearing – Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Giveaway – Win consists of one pair of Sony CRE-E10 over-the-counter hearing aids

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Win a pair of Sony® over-the-counter hearing aids.
TruHearing® is giving away a pair of Sony over-the-counter hearing aids to a lucky VSP® member. To enter, simply fill out the form below by March 31st, 2023

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I agree for my contact information to be used by TruHearing for marketing purposes.

Terms and conditions

What’s the difference?

OTC hearing aids

Prescription hearing aids
Quality aids at $799 to $2,000
or more per pair*

Price per pair may be comparable or lower than OTC with a TruHearing benefit

TruHearing, retail, online

Through licensed providers—call TruHearing for an appointment

Adults age 18+ with mild-to-moderate hearing loss

All ages with mild-to-profound hearing loss

Self-diagnosed or online assessment

Comprehensive exam from a licensed hearing care provider

Limited models and styles—often one size-fits-all 

Hundreds of models, styles, and colors, custom fit options 

Basic features and pre-set programming

Advanced capabilities: noise reduction, echo control, etc.

Self service with app

Hearing care provider fine-tunes patient’s custom programming and fit

Phone support and self-service

Hearing consultant and hearing care provider

Shop over-the-counter hearing aids.
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*Hearing benefits cannot be applied to OTC hearing aid purchases

Learn more about prescription hearing aids
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Call TruHearing today.
If you’re interested in learning more about OTC or prescription hearing aids, call TruHearing and we’ll take care of you.


VSP is providing information to its members but does not offer or provide any discount hearing program. VSP makes no endorsement, representations, or warranties regarding any products or services offered by TruHearing, a third-party vendor. TruHearing is not insurance and not subject to state insurance regulations. For additional information please visit https://www.vsp.com/offers/special-offers/hearing-aids/truhearing. For questions, contact TruHearing directly. Not available directly from VSP in the states of Washington and California.

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