Veterans United Home Loans – Thanks To Veterans Home Giveaway Sweepstakes

Prize will consist of funding of up to US $500,000 which can only be used by the winner to pay taxes owed as a result of winning the Prize and either for making a Qualifying Purchase of a home that the Winner newly purchases and will own and occupy as Winner’s primary residence, or for making a Qualifying Payoff on a home to that the winner currently owns and occupies as Winner’s primary residence.

Open to any Qualifying Veteran, so long as the entrant is not an Ineligible Person, so long as the entrant is Domiciled in one of the fifty States of the United States of America or the District of Columbia (D.C.) at the time of entering the Sweepstakes, so long as the entrant is at least the age of majority, be it 18 years of age or an older age, in the State (or D.C.) of their Domicile at the time of entering the Sweepstakes.

You may enter the Sweepstakes as many as five times: once by way of the Regular Entry Method; and once by way of each of the Bonus Entry Methods.