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The Sweetest Part Of Summer!
What You’ll Win:
25lbs Farm Fresh Peaches, a $55 Value!

Picked At Their Peak & Packed The Same Day

Perfect For Pies, Preserves, Sauces, And More!

Our peaches are always tree-ripened.
This means they are allowed to stay on the tree and ripen in the sun until they reach peak perfection. Other peaches are often picked too early, leaving them to continue to ripen in storage or in a box. This zaps them of the flavor and nutrients you should expect from a peach.

We get them to you quick!
Like, really quick. Our peaches are picked at the perfect moment, hand-packed, and on their way to you within HOURS of being on the tree. Unless you picked it yourself, there is no way to get a fresher peach. Some may call this a logistics nightmare. We call it a logistics miracle!

Peaches are perfect the way they are.
Peaches are perfect the way they are. So we don’t do anything to them before they get to you to change what they are at their core (or pit!). They are carefully handled and inspected by hand at every step of the way to make sure you are getting a perfect peach.

Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews
What Folks Are Saying!
“These peaches are by far the best peaches I have ever tasted!!”

– Wendy I.

“It reminded me of how peaches tasted in my childhood – juicy and sweet!”

– Gina D.

“It is like eating a peach right off the tree.”

– Patty C.

“What a peach is supposed to taste like.”

– John T.

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