Sweepstakes Today New Website Design Sweepstakes

Members, friends and followers. I placed on Twitter a picture of the new layout design. You can see it in the URL link or by ST’s twitter account, “#Sweeptoday”. There are a total of 21 new design pages.

The development team said they were 80 percent complete a week ago hooking up the links and pages. After this comes testing. I can’t give you a definite start date but we are hoping for Feb. 1st+/-.

This is much more than a change of colors and moving the banners over. There are changes in all the pages in one way or the other.

There are several big internal changes in the programing that will make ST more Mobile HTML5 friendly. This will also make the website to run faster.

These changes and improvements will allow us to make future improvement, new features and additions faster. For example, adding to sweep and prize categories.

You will see a couple of new features now. One is called – “MyWins”. This is an extension of Winner’s list but will lead to a winner’s forum. This will be ready in the future after the new design is up.

Ranked Sweeps is replacing Top 50. Many of you only enter the 4 and 5 star sweeps and this will make it easier for you to find them.

We are bringing back Coupons. This is in part in cooperation with several advertisers.

There is more but that will wet your taste buds for now. This design and programming is the basis from some great things to come in the future including new websites that we will add for your pleasure. So are so many cool things we want to do but it will take time.

If you will do me a favor, follow me on Twitter, #Sweeptoday the reason is I am trying to get to 10,000 followers so I can start to earn revenue from Twitter. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Happy dreams of your next big win!

Craig McDaniel, President
Sweepstakes Today LLC
aka – Mr. Sweepy