Sleepsafe – Bed Giveaway Sweepstakes

SleepSafe® Bed Giveaway Rules, Terms and Conditions

We will give away one SleepSafe® Bed per calendar quarter. Contest Entry Form
This giveaway bed is not redeemable for cash value or obtained for the purpose of resale. This giveaway is intended to be used by a Special Needs user with physical and cognitive disabilities. If you have any questions about user eligibility, please contact us at 866-852-2337, from 9 am to 5 pm EST.
Only one entry per household’s shipping address is allowed. Multiple entries to the SAME shipping address will be deleted. This is a big bed, coming by freight and will be sent to the winning address only, with NO EXCEPTIONS. Winning shipping address MUST be in the continental United States and Canada. Outside of the continental US or continental Canada, such as Alaska or Hawaii, the winner will be responsible for shipping charges. We will ship to the nearest point and it will be the winner’s responsibility to make further shipping arrangements at their cost.
All entries MUST have the following information otherwise it will not be accepted:
– First and Last Name
– Home Address, City, State and Zip Code
– Home Telephone Number
– Date of entry
– The calendar quarter of entry (See #6)
This is an Internet/Website Based Give-A-Way. To enter, please use the Contest Entry Form.
Contest open to private individuals only. No limit or discrimination on age, race, religion, gender or disability. No dealer, agency, business entity, facility or school are eligible to enter.
All entries must be received no later than 2:00 PM, Six (6) business days prior to the last day of the month ending in that quarter:
1st Quarter ending March 2021 Deadline for entering is March 23, 2021
2nd Quarter ending June 2021: Deadline for entering is June 24, 2021
3rd Quarter ending September 2021 Deadline for entering is September 23, 2021
4th Quarter ending December 2021 Deadline for entering is December 23, 2021
Drawing will be held and winner announced within one week following the last day of each quarter.
Winner will be announced in the following ways:
1st: Personal phone call to phone number provided with entry by 5:00 pm on the day of drawing.
2nd: Posted on our website within 2 business days of drawing
3rd: A letter will be sent via US Postal service to the shipping address provided with entry.
4th: Winner will be available to anyone who calls, writes, faxes or emails SleepSafe® Beds after 2 business days following drawing. See contact information under ways to enter.
Winner must choose bed within 10 business days of winning notification by calling SleepSafe® Beds at 866-852-2337. Bed will ship 1-2 weeks after order is complete. It is the winner’s responsibility to place order. Winner will forfeit bed if they do not contact SleepSafe® Beds within 10 days of notification.
Winner will be responsible to make arrangements to accept delivery of the bed via UPS Freight. SleepSafe® Beds will be responsible for all shipping charges associated with sending the bed from our facility in Bassett, VA to the winning address. The bed will arrive by UPS Freight. We will make arrangements for the bed to be delivered to the residence, unloaded from the truck and brought to the first inside location. Winner should be aware that this is sometimes only the garage. The shipping company WILL NOT unpack the bed nor will they bring it in the room of choice or assemble the bed. It is the sole responsibility of the winner to make arrangements for set up, assembly and removal of any pallets or boxes. UPS Freight will call the phone number provided on the winning entry prior to delivery. Once the bed is received at the local distribution center of the winning entry, UPS Freight will call to schedule a time that is convenient for the winner to accept delivery. If UPS Freight schedules a time for delivery and if for any reason is unable to deliver the bed because of changes made by the winner, the winner shall be responsible for any re-delivery fees that may be assessed by UPS Freight.
Maximum RETAIL value of any bed will not exceed $10,000.00. The winner may choose any bed size, foundation, wood color and optional accessories as long as their total choices do not exceed maximum value. For example, if you want a SleepSafe® II Hi Lo in Twin size, this retails for $10,000.00. If you need a SleepSafer®, you may only choose a basic or plus model, as it falls below the $10,000.00 maximum. If you want a full size bed, you will have to choose a foundation that won’t go over the maximum value.
Winning entry will be drawn randomly by computer program. Each entry will be assigned a number. As each entry is accepted it will be given the next number in order of entry. Example: 1st entry will be number one, 2nd number 2, etc. Once all entries are received, we will enter the numbers into a random draw computer program to determine the winner.
SleepSafe Beds, LLC will not be responsible for entries not received because of delivery failure in anyway, including to but not limited to: lost mail, failed email delivery, voicemail not received, fax not received, etc. All entrants can call SleepSafe® Beds to confirm their entry against our database of entries.
Our current Manufacturer’s Warranty will be applicable to all prizes given.
Acceptance of a bed: By accepting a bed, winner agrees to have name released on our web site,, or to anyone who contacts us to verify the winner.