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Let it Fly with a Legend Giveaway!
By Shoot On Staff

Let it Fly with a Legend Giveaway Product Specifications:
Easton FMJ Legend
The New Limited Edition FMJ Legend Micro diameter 5MM Full Metal Jacket arrows offer maximum penetration. A 7075 aerospace aluminum over high-strength carbon adds kinetic energy and precision to improve penetration and broadhead accuracy. The aluminum jacket makes pulling shafts from targets easier than carbon-surfaced arrows. Lower friction and aluminum/carbon composition combine for pass-through impacts and easier to follow blood trails on tough big game.

5MM (X) micro diameter thick-wall carbon-fiber core with 7075 aluminum metal jacket

Higher kinetic energy, deeper penetration and more durability
Factory straight, weight and spine matched ± 0.002
Sizes: 300, 340 and 400
Nocks and HIT inserts included
Hoyt Axius Alpha
Built for tight spaces and stealthy maneuverability, our Alpha Series bows are engineered for bowhunters who hunt from tree stands, ground blinds or those putting in brutal backcountry miles where every ounce counts.
Speed: 342 fps
Axle to axle: 29.5
Brace Height: 6 1/8″
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Draw length: 25-28, 28-30
Draw Weight: 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, 60-70, 70-80
SEVR 2.1 Broadheads with Zippered Case
Lock-and-Pivot™ Blades – SEVR’s patented Lock-and-Pivot™ non-barbed blades are fully contained in the ferrule, then lock open on impact.  The blades then pivot as needed to keep arrows driving straight through game even on steep quartering shots and bone impacts. This increases penetration versus regular rear-deploy non-pivoting broadheads.

Practice Lock™ Practice Mode – This patented feature keeps the blades locked and contained into the ferrule for practice.  Allows practicing with actual broadheads to verify true point-of-impact for maximum confidence, and without dulling blades.

Stretch Cut™ Effect– Upon impact, SEVR’s Stretch Cut™ blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter for bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

Titanium Ferrule – SEVR is billet-machined from Grade 5 Titanium with a precision-ground tip.  Titanium provides a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel for extreme durability, increased penetration, and bone-crushing performance.

2.1” Stainless Steel Blades – SEVR’s 2.1” .032″ thickness cutting diameter stainless-steel blades are fully contained in the ferrule to maintain sharpness and minimize drag for true field point accuracy.

Delta McKenzie Sniper Target Bag
The Sniper bag target is an archery favorite for easy one-handed arrow removal. Features high-contrast target aim-points to make target acquisition easier. Sniper uses a higher density internal composition to stop arrows, last longer, and may also be used with crossbow bolts. Printed on both sides and features innovative double sewn-in handles.

7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches ; 10 pounds

TRUGLO Veros 5-Pin Sight
The Veros Five-pin bowsight from TruGlo features a unique design where all fiber-optics are enclosed in a protective cover that provides maximum light exposure while protecting fibers from the elements. Additionally, when using the included LED light, the shielding blocks light from everything but the fibers. It has unique ProBrite pins designed for increased durability and brightness. The top three pins measure .019 inches in diameter, and the bottom two measure .010 inches (for longer shots). The Veros has micro-adjustable windage and elevation settings with strong pro-loaded joints, mid-bracket elevation adjustment, and comes in black or Realtree EDGE camo. It is adjustable for right- and left-handed shooters, and its new improved shooter’s ring now has enhanced green day glow and glow-in-the-dark features.

MTM Traveler Arrow Case
Strong slim design holds 6 broadhead tipped arrows along with 3 practice arrows, securely and safely
Compact design only 2” thick, fits in most hard & soft bow cases
Notched foam padding holds and protects arrow fletching
Internal storage for small accessories between foam sets
For arrows up to 34.0” total length; Dimensions: 34.6″ x 4.9″ x 2.0″
Made to last, out of rugged polypropylene; Made in USA
MTM Broadhead Case
A must for hunters, the new BH16 offers safe storage and transport for 16 assembled broadheads. Holds both expandable and fixed-blade, keeping them sharp and ready for the next hunt.

Foam insert has 16 precut holes to securely hold broadheads in either up or down position
Clear-view lid for quick and easy identification
Convenient packable size
Made of high-impact plastic, with strong snap latch and full length, mechanical hinge
Outside Dimenision 4.9″ x 5.4″ x 3″

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