Premiere Networks – Delilah’s Katy Perry Flyaway – Win a three (3) day/two (2) night trip for Winner and (1) guest to Las Vegas

1. SweepstakesTiming:The P&G BrandSweepstakes (the”Sweepstakes”) begins12:00:01 a.m. EasternTime (“ET”) on
July 1, 2022 and endsat 11:59:59 p.m. ET onJune 30, 2023 (the “SweepstakesPeriod”).
2. Eligibility:The Sweepstakesisopenonlyto legal residentsof the 50 statesof the UnitedStatesandthe District of
Columbia,who are 18 yearsof age or older as of the last day of the monthprior to date of entry.Employeesof The
Procter& Gamble Distributing LLC (the “Sponsor”),their respective parents,subsidiaries,divisions,affiliates,
suppliers,distributorsand advertising,promotionaland judgingagencies, including Don JagodaAssociates,Inc.
(“Administrator”) and theirimmediate family members(spouses, parents,children,andsiblingsand their spouses)
and householdmembersof each(whetherrelatedornot),are not eligible to participate or win.Void where
prohibitedby law. All federal,state, andlocal laws and regulationsapply.
3. HOW TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES: There isNO PURCHASENECESSARY to participate in the Sweepstakes.A
purchase doesnot increase your chancesof winning.
a.) Enter byRedeemingPoints: Asa PG GoodEverydayRewardsmember,youmayenterthe Sweepstakes by
visiting tologin andstart earning points.Termsand Conditionsapply to rewardspoints.
For details see Once registered andyouhave accumulated
twenty-five (25) points,youmay redeemtwenty-five(25) of yourpoints for one (1) entryinto the Sweepstakes
for the prize you wishto enterfor.
b.) Enter byInvitation to Sign Up: During the SweepstakesPeriod,youmayreceive aninvitation to be enteredinto
the Sweepstakes.Suchinvitationswill be sentat random.Should youreceive an invitation to enter,youwill
have the chance to sign upfor PG GoodEverydayRewardstoautomatically receive one (1) entryinto the
Sweepstakesforthe prize youwish to enterfor.To sign up forPG GoodEverydayRewards,visit
Pggoodeveryday.comandcomplete the on-screenregistration.There isnocost to registerfor PG GoodEveryday
c.) Enter byInvitation to Take Survey: During the SweepstakesPeriod,youmayreceive aninvitation to take a P&G
GoodEverydayRewardssurvey.Suchinvitationswill be sentat random.Shouldyou receive aninvitation totake
the survey,youmaycomplete the surveyto receive one (1) entryinto the Sweepstakes forthe prize youwish to
d.) Enter byInvitation via In-Email SurveyResponse: Duringthe SweepstakesPeriod,youmayenterif youreceive
an invitation via an in-emailsurveyresponse to receive one (1) entryinto the Sweepstakes forthe prize you
wish to enterfor.
e.) Enter by Email: You may earna SweepstakesentrywithoutsigningupforPG GoodEverydayRewardsbysending
an email to PGBrandSweeps@dja.comduringthe SweepstakesPeriod. The emailmustinclude your firstand last
name,mailing address,monthandyearof birth and the prize youwish to enterfor (specificprizeslisted in
section7 belowand on toreceive one (1) entryintothe Sweepstakes.
All entriesmustbe receivedby 11:59:59 p.m.ET onJune 30, 2023 in order to be eligible. Anyattemptbyany entrant
to enterbyusing multiple/differentemailaddresses,mailingaddresses,identities,registrationsandlogins,or any
othermethodswill void such entriesandthat entrantmay be disqualified.Use of any automatedor computer
systemtoparticipate online is prohibitedand will resultin disqualification. NormalInternet/phoneaccessand
data/usage chargesimposedbyyouronline/phone service mayapply.
4. Privacy: Trust is a cornerstone of Sponsor’scorporate missionandthe successof their businessdependsonit.
Sponsoris committedto maintaining your trust byprotectingpersonalinformation theycollect aboutyou.Click here
for the full details of Sponsor’sPrivacy Statement:
5. Random Drawing: One (1) winnerwill be selected foreach prize (32 winnerstotal) in a randomdrawing on or about
July 3, 2023 from amongall eligible entriesreceived foreachprize during the SweepstakesPeriod.Oddsof winning
are dependentuponthe totalnumberof eligible entriesreceived foreach prize during the Sweepstakes Period.
Drawing will be conducted byAdministrator whose decisionsare final on all mattersrelating to the Sweepstakes.
6. WinnerNotification: Each potentialwinnerwill be notifiedvia email (tothe email addressprovidedatthe time of
entry).The potentialwinnerof the Sponsorspecifiedyearsupplyof PampersBrand Products will be requiredtosign
and returna Declaration of Eligibility and Liability Release andexceptwhere prohibited,publicityrelease
(“Declaration”) within three (3) days of notification in order to be confirmedas the winner.If potential winnerfails
to returnthe completedDeclaration within three (3) days,Declaration is returnedasundeliverable,entrantshallbe
deemedtobe ineligible,the prize will be forfeitedandan alternate potentialwinnerwill be selected.Declaration
will be sentvia email All otherprize winners mustrespondtothe email to confirmeligibility and provide their
mailing addresswithinthree (3) daysof notificationin orderto be confirmedas a winner.If a potentialwinnerfails
to respondwithinthree (3) days,email notification is returnedasundeliverable,entrantshallbe deemedtobe
ineligible, the prize will be forfeitedandanalternate potential winnerwill be selected.
7. Prizesand Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”):32 Prizes(specificprizeslistedon
Prize ARV
A SponsorspecifiedMen’sGroomingFavoritesProductBasket $200
A SponsorspecifiedWomen’sGroomingFavoritesProductBasket $200
A SponsorspecifiedPersonalCare ProductBasket $100
A SponsorspecifiedPersonalHealthCare Product Basket $150
A SponsorspecifiedSkinCare ProductBasket $290
A SponsorspecifiedHair Care ProductBasket $170
A SponsorspecifiedFamilyCare ProductBasket $150
A SponsorspecifiedFabric Care ProductBasket $230
A SponsorspecifiedFemCare ProductBasket $220
A SponsorspecifiedOral Care Product Basket $260
A SponsorspecifiedHome Care ProductBasket $280
A SponsorspecifiedBabyCare Product Basket $275
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Cascade Brand Products $175
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof DawnBrand Products $170
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Febreze BrandProducts $152
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Tide BrandProducts $270
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof DownyBrand Products $188
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Charmin BrandProducts $437
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof BountyBrand Products $175
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof PampersBrandProducts $943
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof LuvsBrand Products $392
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof AlwaysBrand Products $124
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Old Spice BrandProducts $126
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof SecretBrand Products $210
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Gillette Brand Products $180
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof VenusBrandProducts $255
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof CrestBrand Products $160
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Oral-B Brand Products $170
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Head& ShouldersBrandProducts $189
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Pantene BrandProducts $120
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof VicksBrand Products $138
A SponsorspecifiedYearsupplyof Olay Brand Products $505
No transfer,substitutionorcash equivalentforprize will be permitted,exceptatthe sole discretionof the Sponsor
and in such circumstance,an alternate prize of equal value (as determinedsolelybySponsor) willbe awardedand
the Sponsor’sobligation to the winnerwill be fulfilled,and no otheradditional compensationwill be provided.
Actual value of prize mayvary basedon local marketconditions.Winnerwill not receive difference betweenactual
and approximate retailvalue. Acceptance of prize constitutespermissionforthe Sponsorand its agenciesto use
winner’sname and/orlikenessforpurposesof advertisingandtrade withoutfurthercompensation,unless
prohibitedby law.
Acceptance of prize shall constitute winner’sagreementandconsenttoSponsorandits designees’use of winner’s
name,city, state,likeness,photo,avatar,and/orprize information in connectionwith this Sweepstakes (collectively,
the “Attributes”), forpromotional,advertisingor other purposes,inanymannerperpetually,worldwide,royalty-
free,in anyand all media nowknownor hereafterdevised,includingthe Internet,withoutlimitationand without
furthercompensation,notification,permissionorotherconsideration,(exceptwhere prohibitedbylaw), and
releasesthe Sponsorfromall claims arising out of the use of such Attributes.
8. General Rules:By participating in the Sweepstakes,entrantsagree tobe boundbythese Official Rulesand the
decisionsof the Sponsorand/orAdministratorwhich are final. Winning a prize is contingentuponfulfilling all
requirementssetforthherein.Inthe eventthere isa discrepancyor inconsistencybetweendisclosuresorother
statementscontainedinany Sweepstakesmaterialsandthe termsand conditionsof the Official Rules,the Official
Rulesshall prevail,governand control. Entriesbecome the propertyof the Sponsor and none will be acknowledged
or returned.The Sponsoracceptsno liability for printing errorson material(s) distributedforthis Sweepstakesnor
will any responsibilitybe takenfor lost or late entriesor fortechnical, hardware,software ortelephone malfunctions
of anykind, lost or unavailable networkconnections,orfailed,incorrect, incomplete,inaccurate,garbledor delayed
electronic communicationscausedbythe useror by anyof the equipmentorprogrammingassociated withor
utilized in the website or the Sweepstakesorbyany humanerror which mayoccur in the processing of the entriesin
the Sweepstakesorforany liability for damage to any computersystemresultingfromparticipation in, accessing or
downloadinginformationin connectionwith the website or Sweepstakes.Inthe eventof adispute asto any entry,
the authorizedaccount holderof the email addressusedtoenterwill be deemedtobe the entrant.Winnersmay be
requiredto showproof of being the authorizedaccountholder of the email addressprovidedat time of entry. Proof
of enteringinformationvia the website doesnotconstitute proof of deliveryor receiptof suchinformation.Sponsor
is not responsible forthe failure of any entryto be receivedbySponsoron account of technical problemsor
congestiononthe internetorat anywebsite. The Sponsorreservesthe rightat its sole discretionto disqualify any
individual that tampersor attemptsto tamperwith the entryprocessor the operationof the Sweepstakesor
website;violatesthe Official Rules;or acts in an unsportsmanlike ordisruptive manner, or with intentto annoy,
abuse,threatenorharass anyotherperson. Any attempt by any person to deliberatelyundermine the legitimate
operationof the Sweepstakesor website may be a violationof criminal and civil law, and, shouldsuch an attempt
be made,Sponsor reservesthe right to seekdamagesfrom any such personto the fullestextentpermittedbylaw.
Sponsor’sfailure to enforce anyterm of these Official Rulesshall notconstitute a waiverof that provision.If, forany
reason,the Sweepstakesis notcapable of running as planned,including infectionby computervirus,bugs,
tampering,unauthorizedintervention,fraud,technicalfailures,or any othercausesbeyondthe reasonable control
of the Sponsorwhichcorrupt or affectthe administration, security,fairness,integrityor properconductof the
Sweepstakesorwebsite,thenthe Sponsorreservesthe rightat its sole discretion to cancel the Sweepstakes,in
whole or in part, a notice will be postedonline and a random drawingto award the prizes will be conducted from
amongall eligible entriesreceived foreachprize prior to cancellation. Sponsorreservesthe rightto modifythe
Sweepstakesordisqualifyentrantif fraud,misconductor technical failuresdestroythe integrityto the Sweepstakes
as determinedbythe Sponsor,inits sole discretion.
9. GoverningLaw: The Sweepstakesandthe OfficialRulesshall be exclusivelygovernedbyandconstruedinaccordance
with the laws of the state of Ohio,withoutregard toconflicts of law provisions. Entrantssubmit toexclusive personal
jurisdiction in Ohio and agree that any dispute shall be broughtin the state or federalcourts in Ohio. You agree that:
(a) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of, or connected with the Sweepstakes or any prizes
awardedshall be resolvedindividually, without resortto any form of class action, and exclusivelybythe appropriate
court located in the State of Ohio; (b) any and all claims, judgments, and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-
pocketcosts incurred,including costs associatedwith enteringthe Sweepstakes,butinno eventattorney’sfees;and
(c) notwithstandingthe foregoing,you waive the right to claim any damages,whatsoever,including,but not limited
to, punitive,consequential,director indirect damages.
10. Winner: To receive a Winner List by email, sendanemail to: withP&G Brand Sweepstakes (01-
2802-96) as the subjectline.Requestsmustbe receivedby September30, 2023.
11. Sponsor/Administrator: The Sponsorof the SweepstakesisThe Procter& Gamble Distributing LLC, One P&G Plaza,
Cincinnati, OH 45202. The Administratorof the SweepstakesisDon JagodaAssociates,Inc.100 Marcus Drive,
Melville,NY 11747.