Pepsi-Cola – Shoprite Can Can Text To Win – Win hundred (500) Grand Prizes will be awarded each consisting of a $50 ShopRite gift card

ShopRite Can Can Textto Win Sweepstakes
1. SWEEPSTAKESPERIOD: The Sweepstakesbeginson 1/3/2021 at 12:00:00 p.m.EasternTime
(“ET”) and endson1/23/2021 at 11:59:59 a.m.ET (“SweepstakesPeriod”).The Administrator’s
computeris the Sweepstakesofficialclock.
2. ELIGIBILITY: The Sweepstakesisopenonlyto individuals whoare legal residentsof the United
States,residingin CT, DE, MD,NJ,NY and PA who are 18 yearsof age or older at the time of entry.
Employees,contractors,directors,andofficersof Employeesof WakefernFoodCorp.andits
cooperative members,Merkle Inc.,PepsiCo, Inc.andPepsi-ColaCompany(“Sponsor”) anditsbottlers
and eachof their respective parents,subsidiaries,divisions,affiliates,suppliers,printers,distributors,
retailers andadvertising,promotional andjudgingagencies(collectively,”Sponsorand Promotion
Parties”) and immediate familymembers(spouse,parent,child,sibling, grandparent,and/or”step”) of
each andthose living in their same households(those personswhetherrelatedornotwholive in the
same residence forat least three monthsduringthe twelve-monthperiodprecedingthe startdate of
the Sweepstakes) are noteligible to participate or win.
3. HOW TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES: During the SweepstakesPeriod,there are two(2) waysto
A. TEXT MESSAGE: Use yourmobile phone totextCANCAN to99888 andfollow instructionsto be
enteredintothe Sweepstakes.Participantsmusthave a mobile phone withtextmessagingcapabilities
to enterbytextmessage andmay incur standardtextmessage anddata chargesfrom theirwireless
service providerfor eachmessage sentandreceived. Checkwithyour wirelessservice providerfor
details on anyapplicable charges. Participants are solely responsible foranysuch wirelesscharges. By
enteringthis Sweepstakesviatextmessaging,the entrantisconsentingto receive textandphone
messagesregardingthe Sweepstakes. Entrantswill be giventhe opportunityto “cancel” (or
unsubscribe) eachtime theyreceive a textmessage bysending”STOP”to the short code above. NOTE:
Proof of textmessage submissiondoesnotconstitute proof of deliveryorreceiptof the textmessage.If
an entrantsendsan opt-outtextmessage,he/shewillbe senta replytextmessage,whichwill confirm
that he/she hasbeenunsubscribedandwillreceive no furthertextmessages.EachTextMessage Entry
mustbe manually key-stroked/enteredbythe entrant.IMPORTANT: Message anddataratesmay apply
for eachtextmessage sentorreceived.Notall mobile telephone providerscarrythe service necessary
to participate in this Sweepstakes.Byparticipating, entrantmaybe requiredtosend/receive uptothree
(3) textmessagesinresponse toyourentryrelatedto the Sweepstakes.
B. MAIL-IN ENTRY: An eligible entrantmay hand-write his/hercomplete name (noinitials),valid e-
mail address,streetaddress(P.O.Boxesnotaccepted),city,state,ZIPcode,telephone number,and
date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) ona 3½”x5″ postcard (“Mail-InEntry”) and mail it with sufficientpostage
to: ShopRite Can CanText to Win Sweepstakes,P.O.Box 941459, Maitland,FL 32794-1459. All Mail-In
Entries mustbe postmarkednolater than 1/23/2021 andreceivedonor before 1/30/2021, in order to
be eligible. Entrant will receive (1) entryinto the Sweepstakes.
Mail-In Entriesmust be legibly hand-written.Mechanicalreproductions,postage-due,Mail-InEntries
mailed in an envelope orsentin excessof the entrylimits setforthbelow will not be accepted.Mail-In
Entries receivedwithoutaverifiable and legible returnaddresswill be deemedincomplete andnotvalid
Limit one (1) entryperday perpersonregardlessof entrytype.A “day” is definedasa twenty-four(24)
hour time periodbeginningat 12:00:01 a.m.(midnight) CT and endingat 11:59:59 p.m.CT, except the
first day of the SweepstakesPeriodwhichwillbe definedasbeginning12:00:01 p.m.(noon) CTand
ending11:59:59 p.m.CT of the same day and the last day of the SweepstakesPeriodwhichwill be
definedasbeginning12:00:00 a.m.CT andending11:59:59 a.m. CT. The time clock of the Sweepstakes
administrator is the official clock for this Sweepstakes.
In the eventof dispute overthe identityof a potentialwinner,a textmessage entrywill be declared
made by the authorizedaccount holderof such email addressor wirelessphone numbersubmittedat
the time of entry,and potentialwinnermay be requiredto provide identificationsufficientto showthat
he/she isthe authorizedaccount holderof suchemail addressorwirelessphone number.Itis the sole
responsibilityof the entrantto notifythe Sponsorin writing if the entrantchangeshis or her email,
wirelessphone numberorpostal addressduringthe SweepstakesPeriod. Proof of textingdoesnot
constitute proof of deliveryor entry. All entriesbecome the propertyof Sponsorandwill not be
acknowledgedorreturned. Eachentrysubmissionmust be manually keystrokedandmanually entered
by the individual entrant;automatedand/orrepetitive electronicsubmissionof entries(including but
not limited to entriesmade usingany script, macro, bot or sweepstakesservice)willbe disqualifiedand
transmissionsfromthese or relatedemail/IPaddressesorwirelessphone numbermaybe blocked.
4. PRIZE DETAILS: GrandPrize:Five hundred(500) GrandPrizes will be awarded,eachconsisting of
a $50 ShopRite gift card. Approximate RetailValue (“ARV”):$50.
5. DRAWING: Administratoris an independentjudgingorganizationwhose decisionsastothe
selectionof the potentialwinnersare final and binding. Potentialwinnerswill be selectedin a random
drawing fromamongall eligible entriesreceivedthroughoutthe SweepstakesPeriod. Oddsof winning
dependuponthe totalnumberof eligible entriesreceived.Drawingwill occur on or about 2/1/2021 and
will be conductedbythe administratorwhose decisionsshall be final and binding. All prizes will be
6. WINNERNOTIFICATION: Potentialwinnerswillbe notifiedbytext,phone,mail and/oremail at
the text,phone,mail and/oremail addressprovided uponentrywithintwo (2) days of the drawing. If a
potentialprize winneris notifiedby text,email or phone,he/she willbe requiredtorespondwithin
seventy-two(72) hoursor prize will be forfeitedandmaybe awardedto an alternate winner. Sponsor is
not responsible forsuspendedordiscontinuedwirelessservice whichmayresult in a potential winner
not receivinginitial prize notification. Once a potential winnernotification is confirmedto Sponsor,the
potentialprize winnermay be sentan Affidavitof Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release (where
permittedbylaw) to be signedand returnedwithinthe numberof days indicatedon the Affidavit. In
the event(i) the attemptednotificationis returnedas undeliverable withoutaforwardingaddress;(ii) a
telephone,emailortextmessage notificationis not confirmedto Sponsorwithinseventy-two(72)
hours;(iii) anyrequireddocumentsare notreturnedwithinthe requirednumberof days;or (iv) if
winneris otherwise unable to attendaneventwhenspecifiedoraccept the prize as stated,prize will be
forfeitedandmaybe awardedtoan alternate winner. Allow three (3) to four (4) weeksfordeliveryof
prizesfollowing notification. Prizeswill only be deliveredtoan addresswithin CT, DE, MD,NJ,NY and
7. LIMITATIONSOFLIABILITY: Sponsorand PromotionPartiesassume no responsibilityor liability
for (a) any incorrect or inaccurate entryinformation,or forany faulty or failedelectronic data
transmissions;(b) anyunauthorizedaccessto, or theft,destructionoralteration of entriesat anypoint
in the operationof this Promotion;(c) any technical malfunction,failure, error,omission,interruption,
deletion,defect,delayinoperationor communicationsline failure, regardlessof cause,with regardto
any equipment,systems,networks,lines,satellites,servers,camera,computersorprovidersutilizedin
any aspectof the operationof the Sweepstakes;(d) inaccessibilityor unavailability of any networkor
wirelessservice,the Internetorwebsite orany combinationthereof;(e) suspendedordiscontinued
Internet,wirelessorland line phone service; or (f) anyinjuryor damage to participants or to any other
person’scomputeror mobile device which maybe relatedto or resulting from anyattemptto
participate in the Sweepstakesordownloadof anymaterials in the Sweepstakes. If,foranyreason,the
Sweepstakesisnotcapable of runningas plannedfor reasonswhichmay include withoutlimitation,
infectionby computervirus,tampering,unauthorizedintervention,fraud,technicalfailures,orany
othercauseswhich may corruptor affectthe administration,security,fairness,integrityor proper
conduct of this Sweepstakes,thenSponsorreservesthe rightat its sole discretionto cancel, terminate,
modifyor suspendthe Sweepstakesinwhole orin part. Insuch event,Sponsorshallimmediately
suspendall drawingsand prize awards,and Sponsorreservesthe rightto awardany remainingprizes
(upto the total setforthin these OfficialRules) in a mannerdeemedfairandequitable by Sponsor,such
as by wayof example andnotby wayof limitation, in a random drawingfrom amongall eligible, non-
suspectentriesreceiveduptothe time of the impairment,and SponsorandPromotionParties shall not
have any furtherliability to anyparticipant in connectionwith the Sweepstakes.Sponsormaymodify
and amendthese OfficialRules as theymayappearonline fromtime to time duringthe Sweepstakesfor
clarification purposeswithoutmaterially affectingthe termsandconditions of the Sweepstakes.
8. WINNERSRELEASES: By participating in the Sweepstakes,entrantsreleasethe Sponsorand
PromotionPartiesfrom andagainst any and all demands,liabilities (determinedbyverdict,judgmentor
goodfaith settlementof a claim), damages,causesof action (including pre-lawsuitcourtorders),costs,
losses,claims and expensesassociatedtherewith(includingreasonable attorneys’feesand
disbursements) of defendingaclaim of liability (whethervalidor invalid) made by or incurredin
connectionwith submittinga play or otherwise participatingin anyaspect of the Sweepstakes,the
receipt,ownershiporuse of any prize awarded,or while preparing for,participating in or traveling to or
fromany prize-relatedactivityor any typographical or othererror in these Official Rulesor the
announcementorofferingof anyprize. The winnershall bearall risk of loss or damage to their prize
afterit has beendelivered. The Release Partiesmake norepresentationsorwarrantiesof any kind
concerningthe appearance,safetyorperformance of anyprize;exceptforanyexpressmanufacturer’s
warrantyas may be included with the prize. Exceptwhere prohibitedbylaw,winnergrants to Sponsor
the right to print,publish, broadcastand use worldwide in any medianow knownor hereinafterknown,
the winner’sname,address,voice,statement,picture orotherlikeness,withoutadditional
compensation,forpublic relations,advertisingand promotionalpurposesas maybe determinedby
9. GENERALCONDITIONS: ThisSweepstakesisgovernedbythe lawsof the UnitedStatesand of
the State of NewYork withoutrespecttoconflict of law doctrines. Prize winneris solely responsible for
any andall taxesandrelatedexpensesonthe prize and may receive anIRS Form 1099 forthe ARV of the
prize. Unclaimedprize(s) will not be awarded. Sponsorreservesthe rightto substitute aprize of equal
or greatervalue in the eventa prize or any portion of a prize becomesunavailable. Nosubstitutionof
prize is offered,notransferof prize to a third party is permitted,andnon-cashprizesmay not be
redeemedforcashvalue exceptatSponsor’ssole discretion. All otherexpensesonthe receiptanduse
of the prize not specifically mentionedhereinare solelythe responsibilityof the winner.Anydifference
betweenthe statedvalue of anyprize and the actual retail value will notbe awarded. Anyportionof a
prize notacceptedby winnerwill be forfeited. Uponforfeitureforanyreasonas statedin these Official
Rules,no compensationwill be given. All federal,state andlocal laws and regulationsapply. Any
personalinformationprovidedin connectionwith participation in the Sweepstakeswillonly be usedby
Sponsorto notifya potential winnerand/orfulfillmentof a prize andshall be subjectto the Pepsi-Cola
Company’sPrivacyPolicy available at
10. CONDUCT: By participating in this Sweepstakes,participantsagree tobe boundby these Official
Rulesand the decisions of the Sponsorthat shall be final and binding in all respects. Failure to comply
with these OfficialRules may resultin disqualification. Sponsorreservesthe right,atits sole discretion,
to disqualifyany individual foundto be tamperingwith the play processor the operationof the
Sweepstakes;ortobe acting in any mannerdeemedbySponsortobe in violation of the Official Rules;
or to be acting in any mannerdeemedbySponsortobe unsportsmanlike ordisruptive,or with intentto
annoy,abuse,threatenorharassany otherperson. CAUTION:ANYATTEMPTBY A USER OR
11. WINNERS’LIST: Fora list of the prize winners,mail your requestwitha self-addressedstamped
envelope before2/23/2021 to: SHOPRITE CAN CAN TEXT TO WIN SWEEPSTAKESWinner,c/o PSG, PO
Box 940340, Maitland, FL 32794-0340.
12. SPONSOR:Peps-ColaCompany,1111 WestchesterAvenue,White Plains,NY 10604.
PEPSI-COLA,PEPSIandthe PepsiGlobe are registeredtrademarksof PepsiCo,Inc.