Organicgirl – Free Greens For A Year – Win a $1000 gift card to REI or Patagonia (winner can choose REI OR Patagonia gift card) and free organicgirl salad for a year – distributed in the form of coupons

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get your green on with
good clean greens
we’ve crafted a line of 15 premium quality greens and salads packed with unmatched taste, super nutrition and a whole lot of love.

our salads

dress to impress with
fresh organic dressings
our passion for great greens led us to create a line of 8 truly exceptional fresh dressings that are leaf-licking good!

our dressings

need some green inspiration?
salads are our mainstay, but we love our green smoothies, stuffing our sandwiches and greenin’ up our stir fry and sauces too.

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find us in stores
find goodness in your neighborhood store

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