Mushroom Council – Blended Burger Contest – Win a $10000 cash prize

Create your original spin on a blended burger at home for a chance to win $10,000!We’re starting a new tradition and are pleased to bring the Blended Burger Project: Home Edition back for a second year! What began as a chef contest with the esteemed James Beard Foundation is now open to home cooks to join in the fun. During the months of May and June, show us what you got by submitting your own delicious, blended burger recipe and you may be eligible to win a $10,000 cash prize! The contest will be open from May 1 – June 30, 2020.To make things interesting this year, we’re adding a twist: once all entries have been submitted, we’ll select three finalists and put their recipes to the test by having none other than (drum roll, please), Deputy Food & Test Kitchen Editor, CHRIS MOROCCO recreate it on camera using your submission directions as guidance! Even better, you’ll get to watch him do it live via remote video chat. Chris’s recreations, judging process and your video chat will be recorded and turned into a final video announcing the grand prize winner! (The Bon Appétit video, Blended Burger Edition, will go live in August/September 2020).To participate in the Blended Burger Project: Home Edition, you’ll have to follow these simple rules:Create an original blended burger recipe at home using at least 25% chopped fresh (store-bought) mushrooms in the patty.Submit your contact information and custom blended burger recipe in the Entry Form below. (Important: Contest is eligible to home cooks only (sorry chefs!). Recipe must be original and not previously submitted or published. Also, you won’t be eligible to win if you don’t submit an entry form!)And, that’s it. Easy, right? Good luck!Bonus: Share your blended burger with the world. Take a picture of your blended burger and share it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #BlendedBurgerContest. Tell us what you love about it! While not required to enter the contest, those who post may receive something special in the mail!Important:Contest is open to home cooks. Home cook is defined as someone who has not recently or is not currently employed as a food service professional such as a professional chef or cook. See official rules for more details.To be eligible as one of the three finalists, you must be available to video chat with Chris Morocco and team between July 13-July 28, 2020 and agree to be on camera.Recipe must be original and not have been published or previously submitted to any other competitions and must use cultivated, store-bought mushrooms (no wild mushrooms). Eligible mushroom varieties can be found here.You will not be eligible to win if you don’t submit a completed entry form with a photo of your recipe!“#BlendedBurgerContest” BA x Mushroom Council Blended Burger Contest: Home Edition (the “Promotion”)