Money Talk News – 2020 New Year’s Resolutions Sweepstakes

Are you already thinking about your resolutions for 2020? Enter the Money Talks News 2020 New Year’s Resolution Sweepstakes for your chance to win $5,000 to help make your financial dreams a reality!

Money Talks News has been offering advice on making more and spending less for more than 28 years. And this year we’re making even better by rewarding one lucky winner $5,000 to help with making that resolution come true.

It only takes a few seconds to enter … here’s how:

Step 1: Enter your info into the form. (Don’t worry … we won’t share it.)

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Step 3: One winner will be chosen on Feb 29, 2020.

Win $5,000 This New Year!

I have been entering contests and sweepstakes for about forty years and have won some nice prizes and fun things, but this is my second-largest win ever!  

We recently suffered a water/plumbing catastrophe in our house, and our insurance deductible was — you guessed it — $2,500.  This is a big help, and I cannot thank Money Talks News enough!  I also plan on using some of the money to buy some new golf clubs because my shots just don’t seem to go as far as they used to.  It must be the clubs — it certainly can’t be because I have gotten older.

Becky W, North Carolina

I was in shock, complete shock … and happiness when I won! And my mind instantly went to ways I could spend it. I’m retiring soon after being in law enforcement for 30 years (and having a massive heart attack recently).

My wife has entered for a while, and is now encouraging me to find new hobbies since I will be retiring soon. This is the first time I have won something like this, and it’s amazing! Thank you so much. I’m incredibly grateful for this.

Clark P, California

I started sweepstaking about 4 years ago, and this is definitely the biggest and best thing I’ve ever won!!!! I plan on fixing my parents’ pool, going on a nice vacation somewhere new, buying some artwork equipment and paying a little towards my student loans! 

Thank you SOOOOOO much for this!!! I am beyond excited and grateful!!

Kandus J, Georgia

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