Lands’ End – School Starboard Scholarship Program Sweepstakes

Applicants must meet all the following criteria:
– Bean eighth grader or high school student at a Lands’ End PreferredSchool in theUnited States
as of January19, 2023. (the school must be an active customer of Lands’ End at the time of
application and not have submitted any cancellationnotice)
– Becurrently in grades 8-12
– Fully complete the application process outlined in the Selection Criteria below.
– If under age13, have parentalconsent in theonline application.
– Scholarships areone-time only; past recipients arenot eligible to reapply.
Children of employees of Lands’ End and the Lands’ End Boardof Directors areineligible.
Limit one (1) application per child.
Only the first 1,000applications will be accepted. Applications will be acceptedfrom October 5th, 2022
through January19, 2023, or when 1,000 applications have been received.
Scholarship recipients will be notified by March 24, 2023 with an acceptancedeadline of April 21, 2023.
Scholarships will be awardedin August 2023.
The programwill use the following applicant selection criteria:
– Academic performance
– Interest in and aptitudefor leadership.
– Two essays onthe following:
Essay#1: Our Mission: A More ComfortableWorld. We careabout our employees, our
community and our planet.
There arethreebasic needs for human comfort: food, shelter and safety. Inorder to
support organizations that help fulfill at least one of theseneeds, Lands’ End established
the Comfort Fund. Pleasetell us about how one of thesethreebasic needs—food,
shelter or safety—has impactedyou, someone you know, or your community, and what
opportunities you have sought out to learn more about it, or make a positive impact on
Essay#2: Describehow winning this scholarshipwould impact your education.
– One teacher reference/questionnaire
Financial need will not be considered. Receipt of this scholarshipmay negateor otherwiseaffect the
financial aid the student may otherwisereceive from other sources.
Up to 5 scholarships of $5,000 eachwill be granted, one student for each grade8 – 12, regardless of
their school’s status as anExclusive or Non-Exclusive Lands’ End School customer at the time of the
scholarshipaward; provided that he/she is a qualified applicant as determined by Scholarship America.
If a grade fails to produce a qualified applicant, the scholarshipwill be awardedto an at largeapplicant.
Only one scholarship will be awardedper school.
The scholarshipcan be used in one of the following threeways:
– If in grade12, usethe scholarshipfor collegetuition, fees, books and supplies at anaccredited
postsecondaryinstitution following high school graduation, OR
– If in grade 8-11, have his/her school apply it tothe 2023/2024 academic yeartuition, books and
fees, OR
– Havethe scholarshipdeposited in a 529 plan or RESP (RegisteredEducationSavings Plan) in
his/her name.
The awardwill be issuedby Scholarship America in U.S. currency.
Scholarships arefor high school or undergraduatetuition only.