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Egan’s Irish Whiskey
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Our Family
In 1852 Patrick Egan Sr established P. & H. Egan Ltd in Tullamore, County Offaly, the beating heart of 19th century Ireland. This spirited enterprise quickly became one of Ireland’s foremost merchant houses, spanning a range of commercial endeavours that included malting, brewing and bottling. Today the Egan legacy and time honoured traditions are carried forward by a family with Irish Whiskey in our blood.

Our Whiskey
Aged in bourbon casks and with a nose of vanilla and hints of caramel, this single grain is sweet and characterful, with a charming complexity.

Malty and creamy, with complex hints of cereal and a smooth silkiness, this single malt has been aged for a minimum of 10 years. A big finish and what appears to be an endless aftertaste.

A single malt which has been matured exclusively in Pedro Ximénez casks to create a full flavoured whiskey with a beautiful sherry influence.

Legacy Reserve I
A sumptuous single malt which is non-chill-filtered and aged for 15 years in American bourbon casks. Limited to 1,000 bottles worldwide.

Legacy Reserve II
Much like its predecessor, our second bottling in the Legacy Reserve series is an exceptional Irish Single Malt that has been aged for 16 years in American Bourbon casks and finished in ex-Banyuls barrels which have been sourced from the slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees in the Roussillon area of southeastern France. The finish adds an intriguing chocolate nose and a slight cassis aftertaste.

Commemorating 100 years since the passing of our co-founder, this exclusive release is a blend of meticulously selected single malt and single grain Irish whiskey. The elegantly complex single malt whiskey character is balanced with lighter notes of vanilla sweetness from the grain whiskey. Together they are married in xo cognac casks of French limousine oak to add further layers of flavour. This release is non chill-filtered to retain its unique characteristics.

What the Experts Say

Egan’s Vintage Grain
“I’m not sure there is a softer nose on the market: your proboscis is kissed, stroked and coddled by a vaguely green and youthful sweetness. Nice biscuits, perhaps with a sugary coconut element plus natural caramels;. Not sure if the silk traders out of China will have ever have found anything silkier than this. Melts in the mouth with a mix of Demerara and icing sugars plus light spices to remind you of the oak; a light oak bitterness interjects into the juicy proceedings; such a beautiful whiskey. Don’t be put off by the fact this is grain: this is exceptionally high grade Irish”.

“The aromatics are beautifully perfumed with layers of vanilla, salted caramel, and blanched almonds with accents of allspice and brown butter. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich caramel and vanilla focused core with flanking notes of oak and brown baking spices that finishes dry. This is our new favourite Irish Grain Whiskey”.
– Sean Ludford,

Egan’s Fortitude
“Brilliant golden color. The nose is filled with the scents of honey, marzipan, nougat, and Sherry with accents of vanilla and dried fruits. The palate echoes the nose delivering a lush and creamy Sherry-forward core with waves of brown baking spices, honey, and ginger biscuits and candied citrus. Full-bodied with intense flavors bolstered by the appealing higher proof (46 abv) that’s surprisingly vibrant thanks to a generous dose of bright acidity. This is a Sherry lover’s dream. Aged exclusively in Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks and making this your new favorite dessert Whiskey”.
– Sean Ludford, 4.5 Stars

“Masterfully done and the name is well-chosen. This has enough character to slap you in the face and then give you another for good measure.”
– A-

Egan’s 10 Year Old Single Malt
“Amber like colour, delicate aroma with a light hint of smoke. Malty and creamy, with complex hints of cereal and a smooth silkiness. Big finish and what appears to be an endless aftertaste.”
– John C. Mc Dougall, Independent Whiskey Consultant.

“Enticing light fruit notes, mainly playing out on the melon and grapefruit spectrum; just a little stiffness to the oak; ah…now that’s one very beautiful delivery. Orange blossom honey steals the show, but is perfectly backed by a rounded texture which almost oozes onto the palate; plenty of malt on slow and lazy spice, but still that honey blossoms; the slight tightness to the oak evident on the nose returns, but makes little headway against the excellence of the malty spirit; rich, rounded and puts the “more” into this Tullamore-based bottler”.

Egan’s Legacy Reserve I
“Brilliant pale golden color. The nose reveals scents of toasted sweet malt with waves of baked apples, caramel, toffee, and vanilla with hints of nutmeg and oak. The palate echoes the nose delivering a complex and generous baked orchard fruit core with flanking notes of brown baking spices, toasted nuts and honey. Full-bodied with great proportions and ideal balance thanks to a bright dose of natural acidity that gives this complex Whiskey vibrancy and length”.
– Sean Ludford, 4 Stars

“Egan’s Legacy Reserve I is probably the best whiskey I’ve ever tasted. It was so chewy, full-bodied and smooth. Sweet, smokey and perfectly-balanced. The finish lasted forever, but I was totally okay with that flavor lasting as long as possible. I highly recommend this whiskey for any connoisseur’s collection”.
– The Whiskey Wash – 4.5 Stars

Egan’s 16 year old Legacy Reserve II
“The Pyrenean dessert wine-cask finish brings citrus, candy hearts, apricot, and cooking apple peelings to the nose, with hints of aniseed, allspice, and macadamia nuts. Fizzy orange, singed peel, fruit tarts, and honey initially, though it’s pretty feisty with pepper, aniseed, and allspice. Milk chocolate, apple, and malt biscuits glide into the finish, where the spices fade but the fruit remains juicy and sweet”.
– Jonny McCormick, Whiskey Advocate – 91 Points

“On the nose, the whiskey is loaded with Irish essentials: Brightly sweet cereal, nougat, honey, and a clear brown sugar note. If you’re just looking for a beautifully sweet expression of Irish whiskey, you’ve got it here, at least to start. Then things take a shift: Tuck into the palate and an impossibly sunny cereal note strikes the tongue first, followed quickly by a significant note of dark fruit — cassis and blackberry — and a substantial level of spice rarely seen in Irish. This is definitely the doing of the Banyuls, which brings a certain level of red wine tannin to the experience, which tempers the sweetness considerably. The finish sees hints of lemon, graham cracker, and milk chocolate, all standing in for mignardises, wrapping up a delightful little main course to send you home on a high note”.
– Christopher Null, – Highly recommended – 9.5/10

Egan’s Centenary
“While the grain and oaks have forged a very comfortable partnership, there is enough artistry in the sugars and cunning to the vanilla to make for a complex and beautifully poised nose; as on the nose, you get the feeling that this is grain heavy. But that doesn’t matter a jot when the vanillas and Demerara sugars are so happily combined and the mouthfeel this lush. You expect spices, and they dutifully arrive, with a little bit of warmth to them, but nothing like enough to knock the balance out; long, lush and not a single weakness. No bitterness, but outstanding oak confirming the blend’s overall excellence; so wonderful to find an Irish where both the spirit and the oak is in such deep harmony. A subtle Irish where the blender has carefully listened to what the casks are telling him. Superb”.
“Ireland’s penchant for cognac-cask finishing continues to impress with this single malt and grain blend, which marks the centenary of the death of company namesake and Irish nationalist Henry Egan, who made tweed suits a symbol of protest. With a delicate nose of peach, passion fruit, white blossom, lime, pear, rose water, and sweet grain, the cognac flavors coddle the palate with peach, fudge, a whizz of spice, vanilla sponge, and grapefruit”.
– Jonny McCormick, Whiskey Advocate – 91 Points

“Centenary offers strong notes of grape spirit that permeate the sweet malty base, creating a mouthwatering expressiveness. This whiskey is very elegant and refined. More of the oak comes through on the palate at the get go, which is followed by the rich, warming malt. But, this quickly gives way to a strong front of Cognac flavor, a really interesting journey in just a few seconds. The lasting impression is of a well aged spirit that is in both worlds. A very nice Irish, this is one to pull out on special occasions and take your time savoring. No need to water this down, even at that higher proof”.
– – Score: A+



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