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Giveaways/The Mirror Giveaway
The Mirror Giveaway
By Elijah Fox
2 Min Read Published: Jun 9th, 2021
Credit: MIRROR

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The Mirror is revolutionizing how we work out from home, offering tons of easy, moderate, and high-intensity classes, including barre, boxing, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, dance, strength training, personal training, and more!

It’s a nearly invisible workout studio featuring expert, virtual instructions from certified personal trainers. You can exercise to new music with curated playlists from pop to rock, or to your favorite songs with Apple Music support. It’s even compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors, speakers, your Apple Watch, and more.

Even better yet, The Mirror supports up to six different members of your household, so everyone in the family can reap the benefits of this device while maintaining their own statistics and personal customizations.

The Wall Street Journal called The Mirror “a total body workout machine that puts your treadmill to shame.” Vogue wrote that The Mirror is “the wellness industry’s most game-changing device yet.”

The Mirror normally retails for $1,495, however, iDrop News fans can enter to win one absolutely free! Entering to win is easy – use the widget below and complete actions to earn entries into the giveaway. You’ll earn one entry automatically for signing up for our email newsletter.

Be sure to come back each day to take advantage of additional, free Daily Entries. 

More entries equal more chances to win. Good luck!

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The Mirror Features
Mirror’s website provides some outstanding features you’ll love to try out at home. Here’s just some of what you’ll get with this nearly invisible fitness studio:

Expert Instruction: Certified trainers from the country’s top fitness studios provide motivation and live feedback.
Real-Time Optimization: Advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms deliver in-workout adjustments based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile.
Customized Playlists: Choose from expertly curated playlists featuring popular music in a variety of genres from rock to pop, or sync with Apple Music and use your own playlists.
Compete with Yourself and Others: Join a Competitive Class and earn points when you hit target heart-rate zones. Try to beat your personal best!
Connect with Friends: Join programs, share your progress, and invite your friends for a sweat date!
Track Your Results: Track your workouts, heart rate, calories and more via your personal performance dashboard.
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Price: $1495 Buy
Editor’s Rating: ★★★★★
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