Idrop – Iphone 11 Giveaway – Win one free unlocked 64GB iPhone 11 an approximate retail value of $699.

Giveaways/Apple iPhone 11 Giveaway
Apple iPhone 11 Giveaway
By Elijah Waeterling
2 Min Read Published: Sep 11th, 2019
Updated: Mar 10th, 2020
Credit: HypeBeast

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Congratulations to Kimberly L. from Maryland!
Play Again to Win!
The iPhone XR is one of Apple’s most popular smartphones of all time, but that didn’t stop the company from launching the XR’s successor that’s finally arriving this year with a slew of updates and improvements.

The iPhone 11 builds on the advancements of its predecessor by adding new color options, a dual-camera system with Pet Detection, improved water resistance, a class-leading A13 processor and an even longer-lasting battery.

Apple’s iPhone 11 retails for just under $700; however, you could win one absolutely free just by entering iDrop News’ iPhone 11 giveaway below.

Use the iPhone 11 giveaway widget below. You’ll earn one entry just for signing up. Share this giveaway with friends and family with your unique link to earn even more chances to win. We’ll draw one lucky winner on September 2nd, 2020.

Enter to Win an iPhone 11

Kimberly – March 2020
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Price: $699 Buy
Editor’s Rating: ★★★★★
Pros: Large display. Fantastic battery life. Dual cameras. Fastest processor in a smartphone, ever.
Cons: Its LCD looks fine although the technology is aging rapidly.
Bottom Line: The iPhone 11 packs an incredible amount of technology into a beautiful form factor at an affordable price.
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Previous Winners
Sukdeo – March 2020Kimberly – March 2020Leana – February 2020Valerie – February 2020Bijan – January 2020Yaniv – January 2020Tom – November 2019Ben – October 2019Beth – October 2019Tyler – September 2019Roger – September 2019Alice – August 2019Ben – July 2019Susan – June 2019Jason – June 2019Emily – May 2019Regina – April 2019Aidan – April 2019Heath – March 2019Michael – February 2019Lisa – February 2019Lawrence – January 2019Ethan – January 2019Noella – December 2018Mark – December 2018Todd – November 2018Gilbert – October 2018Sonia – October 2018Leah – August 2018Seyma – July 2018Chet – July 2018Francois – June 2018James – June 2018Lisa – May 2018Devon – May 2018Larry – April 2018Kyanna – March 2018Loell – March 2018Greta – March 2018James – February 2018James – February 2018Rose – February 2018Lauren – February 2018Mark – January 2018Maureen – January 2018Ricardo – December 2017Joel – December 2017Duncan – December 2017Beth – December 2017David – November 2017Laurice – November 2017Navin – October 2017Christina – October 2017John – October 2017Kelley – September 2017Mark – August 2017Megan – May 2017Nick – February 2017Kallie – December 2016Rachel – October 2016Sierra – June 2016Barrett – May 2016Michael – March 2016Jim – February 2016Mirna – January 2016Kim – December 2015Karen – November 2015Anni – October 2015

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