Crutchfield – Iguardstove Great Gear Giveaway Winter 2021 – Win their choice of iGuardStove automatic stove shut off devices

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Articles & videos: home Home audio Smart home Programmable thermostats iGuardStove™ Automatic Stove Shut-Off Monitor sweepstakes
iGuardStove™ Automatic Stove Shut-Off Monitor sweepstakes
Enter to win

by Crutchfield’s
Writing Team

We’re giving away an iGuardStove™ automatic stove shut-off monitor to one lucky winner. It’s a unique product that offers a whole lot of peace of mind for caregivers of loved ones who live on their own, or at least cook on their own, and need a safety net.

When the iGuardStove’s motion sensor notices you coming within 10-12 feet of the control box, it unlocks your stove for use. Then it starts a countdown — five minutes is the default, but you can set it anywhere from 1-15 minutes. If you stay in the kitchen, the motion sensor will keep resetting the countdown. But if you leave, when the countdown reaches zero, iGuard shuts off the cooktop. It’s a smart solution for a safer kitchen.

Don’t miss your chance to win
iGuard has a motion-sensing solution for every kind of stove, and the winner of our giveaway will get to choose the compatible controller for their gas or electric appliance. Enter to win above!

Last updated 2/18/2021
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