Chicago Music Exchange – Greatest Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes

Last year, Santa said it was his time to shred, so he had us pack up his sleigh with all his best gear so he could go out on tour while we made toys for the entire world. The whole world! That’s not fair! And what’s worse, he got a job as a session musician and ghostwriter, penning the yuletide hits for all the country and R&B superstars. And get this. He’s not coming back! So this year, I’ve got an important message for the big man himself. 

Dearest Chris “Cringle” Klaus, I’m no longer the intern. I’m the boss. While you were crafting the Nashville sound, We were freezing our asses, working all year round. So, Santa Baby, here’s the scoop: We’re gutting your workshop and stealing the loot. Enter our giveaway to win Santa’s best, Click the link to enter and we’ll do the rest. It’s free, free, free, as free as can be, From guitars and drums to synths and keys. So listen close, and may my words ring true, Merry Christmas Giveaway to all, and especially…to you!

Enter for your chance to win gear from the very best makers, including: Barton, Chase Bliss, Death by Audio, Dunlop, DW Drums, Earthquaker Devices, Ernie Ball, Fender, Gretsch, Jackson Audio, Keeley, Low Boy, LP, Marshall, Mono, Moog, Pedaltrain, Phil Jones Bass, Santa Cruz, Source Audio, Walrus, Charvel and MORE!