Changes To St Sweepstakes


I am sure many of you have noticed, there have been some changes to the website. Mainly, the removal of “Quick Entry”. I would get into the technical issues why we made the change but will say this. As you, I started a page to help ST. ( )
and I also reached out to some sweepstakes administrators in hopes they would also help. They did not respond.

I am left looking for other options to produce more revenue to or to save money. By removing Quick Entry, this gives ST more page views. Page views is now the standard measurement for they ads by Google and other banner companies. So with the change this should help until we can put up a membership subscription service and bring back Quick Entry as part of the service.

We hopefully also improved the logon and cookie problem that we recently found. This is a very long story and I get into the details. If you have problems logging in try clearing out your cookies and temporary internet files then logging back in. Anything past this, let me know.

Craig McDaniel
Mr. Sweepy