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Introducing The Most Set It And Forget It
Drum Smoker On The Market!
We Can Build It For You Or
You Can Build It Yourself!

Are you tired of being stuck using box store BBQ smokers that don’t give you the amazing smoked BBQ flavor you are looking for without the need to constantly maintain a fire or using BBQ pellets?

Well first, why don’t those box store smokers give you the result you want?
Well it’s because the big box stores don’t understand BBQ Like we at SmokerBuilder MFG do! They are more concerned with the profitability of a SKU than they are of your need for the best smoker that your hard earned money can buy and the results you are trying to achieve!

Big Box Store smokers are often made without the customer experience in mind which leads to sacrificing ease of use, lots of flare ups, and lack of flavor in your BBQ!

Those smokers are made from the cheapest materials and workmanship that they can find so the smokers do not last and worst of all you wind up frustrated and working hard to cook your BBQ!

Well now there’s a solution: Introducing The DraftMaster™ Drum Smoker!

Add a Drum Dolly for $89.00



DIY Drum Smoker Kit

Build It Yourself And Save!
You Can Get The Kit With Or Without A Barrel
By Selecting Your Option Below!
Add A Barrel for $99.00


Here’s A Video About How To Light And Season Your New DraftMaster Smoker!

Checkout Russell’s (A Recent Customer) Comment On One Of Our Recent YouTube Videos!

With an average uninterrupted cook time of 20 HOURS on a single basket of charcoal (yes, you read that right)…⏱️

… you can forget about sitting around and babying this thing.🌡️

Every pitmaster knows that nothing puts a damper on a good brisket, pork shoulder or rack of ribs like the temperature spikes or flare ups that come from opening a smoker lid to refuel.

You work way too hard for that nonsense. 😠

🏆 With over 13 years of manufacturing under our belt and thousands of smokers built, this Draftmaster™ Drum Smoker is winning over the most demanding of BBQ’ers: 

“I’ve got at least three dozen cooks over the last two months in my drum and I couldn’t be happier! Flavor is awesome, Burn rate is steady and easily controllable. You’re gonna start seeing these drums at competitions everywhere!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available as a DIY kit or “Built for You”, we guarantee the craftsmanship of our smokers and stand by every part. 💯

SmokerBuilder MFG strives to make sure that our customers get the results they are looking for… Actually, Better than they ever expected!
Whether you’re building your own smoker or want us to build it for you, we have everything you need right here!

Just a few of the kinds of smokers we build and make parts for:

UDS Drum Smokers (Built For You, DIY Kits, & Parts)
Offset Smokers (Built For You & Parts)
Reverse Flow Smokers (Built For You & Parts)
Gravity Feed Smokers (Built For You, DIY Kits, & Parts)

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