Blossom & Broom – November Cooking Giveaway – Win One 3 Pack Gift Set complete with 1 Plastic Dispenser 1 Foil Dispenser & 1 Parchment Dispenser

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Blossom and Broom

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Cooking Giveaway

($2,000+ GRAND PRIZE) 
( 1 Winner)
Grand Prize

One 3 Pack Gift Set complete with 1 Plastic Dispenser, 1 Foil Dispenser & 1 Parchment Dispenser. Plus a year’s supply of refill rolls (5 Plastic Refill Rolls, 5 Foil Refill Rolls & 5 Parchment Refill Rolls)

At ChicWrap, we make preparing meals and food storage easier! Our reusable Dispensers come loaded with Professional Grade Materials – Plastic, Parchment and Foil – the same stuff professional chefs use! Our Dispensers are also equipped with patented Slide Cutters that cut the perfect piece every time.

A Soom Gift Set plus 6 months of our best selling tahini valued at $300!

Soom Foods was founded by three sisters when they realized the high quality tahini they enjoyed while traveling overseas wasn’t available in the US. Their love of food and its ability to bring people together inspired them to find a way to bring the highest quality tahini home to share with others. Discover 100+ uses for tahini and Soom’s innovative sweet tahini at

Emile Henry Sublime Dutch Oven, 6 Qt

In common use, sublime is an adjective meaning “awe-inspiringly grand”, like the best chocolate fudge sundae you’ve ever had. The result of extensive research, ‘Sublime’ ceramic makes it possible to create and serve all kinds of recipes—with unparalleled ease of use. Sublime is made from a new ceramic technology designed to do all kinds of cooking and to do it better than other materials. You could feasibly own just one pot to make all your meals. What makes this technology so remarkable is its versatility.  It can handle the high heat of searing, frying or barbecuing on the grill and also softly cook on low heat so that sugars in a caramel sauce or a custard are gently heated without burning or over cooking.  The Sublime ceramic distributes heat smoothly across the whole pot better than any metal, including cast iron or stainless steel and it is 35% lighter than those other materials. Works on gas, electric stove-tops, in the oven, and on the BBQ grill.  Dishwasher Safe.  10 Year warranty. All-natural, Made In France.

4 Flavor Variety Box (60 ct.) worth $120 from Love + Chew

Love + Chew is the healthiest plant-based cookie company based out of San Francisco. Their cookies are soft, moist, and so tasty you won’t believe they’re healthy. They even contain 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per cookie.

Their Bulk Box contains 4 flavors: Chocolate Chia, Cherry Almond, Mocha Chip, and Banana Bread – their bestseller. 
Love + Chew was founded by Lauren Chew, a yogi, and ex-techie who subscribes to a plant-based lifestyle. As a certified woman-owned business, Love + Chew seeks to support young women from marginalized communities by donating portions of our proceeds to the non-profit Oasis for Girls.

Omni Bev’s complete brewing set including Authentic Vietnamese Slow Drip Reusable Filter, Limited Edition Mug, Modern Stainless Steel Spoon, Portable French Press, Vietnamese Ground beans Trio (Premium Arabica, Robusta, and Signature Blend Vietnamese Coffee)

Inspired by traditions, Omni Bev proudly introduces authentic Vietnamese coffee beans harvested directly from our family farm in the highlands of Dalat, Vietnam. Omni Bev is a one-stop shop for all-things Vietnamese coffee—from authentic Ready-to-Drink beverages to single-origin, micro-lot beans, and innovative modern brewing tools. We at Omni Bev would like to introduce the rest of the world to the Vietnamese coffee culture through our coffee products.
Omni Bev is an immigrant and WOC-owned company dedicated to cultural representation, community, and sustainability. By removing the middle-man and working directly with family connections in Vietnam, Omni Bev contributes to the local economy and creates jobs for Vietnamese farmers. All Omni products are sustainably-farmed, fair-trade, and non-GMO.  Learn more at and @omnibev.

A premium professional-grade apron for chefs, cooks, and baristas and a $200 gift card from Hudson Durable Goods

Hudson Durable Goods offers high-quality work aprons built for the rigors of your demanding craft. Whether you are a woodworker, barista, blacksmith, or grill-master, we recognize you take your craft seriously and your tools are no joke.

Lamson’s Most Wanted Bundle: Vintage Chef’s Slotted Turner ($29.99), The Alaskan Ulu Knife ($34.99), Vintage 2-Piece Chinese Santoku Cleaver Set ($169.99), Tail-Gater 3 Piece 15″ Barbecue Set with Canvas Carrying Case ($79.99)

A fusion of artistry and functionality: Lamson knives and kitchen tools are created for expert chefs and home culinary enthusiasts alike. Our stylish products have been made in America since 1837 and come backed with a lifetime guarantee. Discover our featured products and more by visiting our website today,

1 Year Supply of gimMe Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Meet gimMe Snacks, the pioneers of organic seaweed snacking! We’re on a mission to deliver better snacking. Better for you, and better for the planet, with a craveable crispy crunch and salty umami taste you can’t get enough of. Our approach? Simple. We find the best seaweed on Earth, roast it to light & crispy perfection, and season it for a finish that’s as big on flavor, as it is in micronutrients.
gimMe…Better Snacking.

A digital coupon worth $200 from Cliffset.

Cliffset is the personal, portable cutlery set that comes with its own dishwasher. While plastic utensils and other portable sets are a mess, Cliffset makes reusing a clean and easy experience for on-the-go eaters.

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