Arrowhead – Clear The Ice Challenge 2023 Sweepstakes

Arrowhead® “Clear the Ice Challenge” 2023CONTEST


This Arrowhead® Clear the Ice Challenge Contest
(“Contest”) is sponsored by Arrowhead® Water.(“Sponsor”).
The entry period of this Contest will be 12:00AM Eastern Time
(“ET”) March 1st, 2023

through 11:59PM ET April 2 nd, 2023 (“Entry Period”). By
entering this Contest, each entrant fully andunconditionally
accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules
and the decisions ofthe Sponsor which shall be final and legally
binding in all respects. These Official Rules apply only to thisContest
and not to any other promotions, contests, or sweepstakes sponsored by
Arrowhead® Waterand Blue Triton Brands, Inc.. Each entrant
understands that he/she is providing their information toSponsor
and the information provided will be used in accordance with
Sponsor’s Privacy Policy. TheSponsor’s Privacy
Policy can be found here:
Should there beconflict between the Sponsor’s privacy
policy and these Official Rules, these Official Rules shall govern.Any
personally identifiable information collected during entrant’s entry
in this Contest will be collectedby Sponsor or its designee and
used by Sponsor and its designees for purposes of the properadministration,
fulfillment, publicizing and promotion of this Contest as described in
these Official Rules,as stated in Sponsor’s privacy policy
or as otherwise expressly consented to by entrant during anyseparate
opt-in opportunity provided to entrant during entry in this Contest.
In this Contest, validentrants can play an unlimited amount of
times during the Entry Period, however only the entrant’shighest
score will be entered. If an entrant does not fully agree to these
Official Rules, such entrantshould not enter this Contest. Entry
in this Contest does not constitute entry into any other promotionor
contest. This Contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws
and regulations. Void in Guam,Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin
Islands and other U.S. territories and possessions and where
prohibited orrestricted by law.

1. ELIGIBILITY: The Promotion is open to legal residents of the fifty
(50) United States and the District ofColumbia who are 18 years
of age or older as of date of entry. Participants must have a valid
emailaddress, opt in to participate in the leaderboard and must
have a web-enable mobile phone with thelatest version of
Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari to play. Employees,
officers, representativesor agents of Arrowhead® Brand, Blue
Triton Brands, Inc., Ralphs, The Kroger Co., Anaheim Ducks HockeyClub,
LLC, Anaheim Arena Management, LLC, Retail Sports Marketing, their
affiliated entities, and theirimmediate family members (spouse,
parents, siblings, children, in-laws, grandparents, grandchildren)and
each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates,
agents and their advertisingagencies, Contest agencies and
production agencies are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited
bylaw. Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, state
and local laws.

2. HOW TO ENTER: During the Sweepstakes Period, visit the
Arrowhead® landing page and
follow the directions provided to enter the Contest. All entrantsmust
enter this Contest, during the Entry Period only, by visiting the
landing page or scanning the QRcode and completing the steps as
follows: Scan QR with your mobile device. Participant must have a

web-enabled mobile phone with the latest version of Microsoft Edge,
Firefox, Chrome or Safari to play.Participant will enter their
First Name, Last Name, Email, City and State. Participant must opt
into theContest leaderboard on the registration page to be
eligible to win. Participant will control contest ontheir
personal device. Participant will select which Zamboni vehicle with an
additional power they wouldlike to use during game play.
Participant will use fingers (on mobile) or keyboard or mouse (on PC)
todirect the Zamboni and navigate across the rink. Participant
will have a chance to earn bonus points bycollecting power ups
during the game – power ups include an Arrowhead® bottled
water and Ralphslogo. Participant will have a set amount of time
to use their selected Zamboni vehicle to clear as much ofthe ice
as possible. Within the time limit, players can navigate the ice with
their selected Zamboni andearn points based on their
performance. The Scoring will be based on (A) Amount of ice cleared;
(B)Number of collectibles or power-ups collected and (C)
Remaining Time (if all of the ice has beencleared). Each
Arrowhead® logo that is collected is worth 100 points. Participant
will receive their finalscore after clearing the ice or once the
player runs out of time. A player’s final score will be
calculated asfollows: points awarded based on the percentage of
ice that is cleared + players will receive additionalbonus
points for successfully collecting Arrowhead® water bottles before
they disappear + players willreceive additional bonus points if
they clear the ice with time remaining (in milliseconds). During
theContest, each participant will have an unlimited number of
game plays per valid email registration toincrease their high
score. Only the Participant’s single highest score will be added
to the Contestleaderboard assuming said participant opted into
the Contest leaderboard on registration page.

3. CONTEST WINNERS: Contest Winner(s) will be determined by the
participant who received thehighest score during each Contest
Period during the program Entry Period. Contest winners will bedetermined
at the end of each Contest Period based upon being inside the Top 12
on the “Clear the IceChallenge” leaderboard. If at
the end of each Contest Period, there are multiple participants with
thesame score, a representative of sponsor or RSM will select a
winner at random.

4. CONTEST PERIODS: Winner(s) will be selected during each of the
following Contest Periods:ContestPeriods Contest Dates
Contest Prizes

Period 1

12:00AM ET March 1 st – 11:59PM ET March 5 th, 2023 (24)
tickets total, awarded in(12) sets of (2) tickets

Period 2

12:00AM ET March 6th – 11:59PM ET March 12th, 2023
(24) tickets total, awarded in(12) sets of (2) tickets

Period 3

12:00AM ET March 13th – 11:59 ET March 19th, 2023
(24) tickets total, awarded in(12) sets of (2) tickets

Period 4

12:00AM ET March 20th – 11:59PM ET March 26th, 2023
(24) tickets total, awarded in(12) sets of (2) tickets

Period 5

12:00AM ET March 27th – 11:59PM ET April 2nd, 2023
(24) tickets total, awarded in(12) sets of (2) tickets

5. NOTIFICATION AND CLAIM OF PRIZE: A representative of Retail Sports
Marketing, Inc (“RSM”) willnotify the potential
Winner (based on the information obtained in the Entry) within (10)
business days

OF THEPRIZE AWARDED HEREUNDER. The potential Winner must legibly
complete, personally sign and deliverto RSM the following items
no later than the time period set forth above: (a) a notarized
Affidavit ofEligibility, Liability/Publicity Release
(“Winner’s Affidavit”), except where prohibited by
law, confirmingsuch potential Winner’s compliance with
these Official Rules and releasing the Released Parties (definedbelow)
from any liability in connection with such potential Winner’s
entry in this Contest and their claim,acceptance, possession,
use and/or misuse of the Prize; and (b) any other information,
documents andreleases required by Sponsor, RSM and/or prize
supplier(s) necessary to award and deliver the Prize (orany
part) to the Winner. Failure by the potential Winner to timely provide
such required items andinformation will result in
disqualification and forfeiture of Prize. Sponsor, The Kroger Co.,
Ralphs, andRSM, shall have no liability for any prize winning
notification that is lost, intercepted or not received bythe
potential Winner for any reason. If, despite reasonable efforts (3
attempts) by Sponsor or RSM, thepotential Winner cannot be
contacted or fails to respond to such notification and accept and
claim thePrize as required herein or if notification is returned
as undeliverable, such potential Winner will bedisqualified and
forfeit the Prize. If the potential Winner is found to be ineligible,
has not complied withthese Official Rules, declines any part of
the Prize for any reason prior to award or does not return therequired
documents to RSM and/or any prize supplier(s) as stated herein, such
potential Winner will bedisqualified and forfeit the Prize. If
the potential Winner forfeits the Prize and/or is disqualified for
anyreason, RSM shall award the Prize to an alternate winner
determined by point totals from amongst allremaining eligible
Entries, subject to the Official Rules. The potential Winner must meet
all eligibilityrequirements and fully comply with these Official
Rules to be declared an official Winner in this Contest.

6. PRIZES: Sixty (60) Prizes. Each prize is (2) two Terrace level Goal
West admission tickets to one (1)NHL Anaheim Ducks home hockey
game at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA (specific seat location andgame
date to be determined in Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC’s sole
discretion). The average retailvalue of each ticket is $31.00
and the total prize value is $62.00. Contest winners will receive a
set oftwo (2) Terrace Goal West tickets and Prize will be
delivered through a valid email address.The Prizes are
non-transferable and non-assignable. No cash, credit or other
substitution is permitted,except that the Sponsor reserves the
right to substitute any of the prizes (or any part of prizes) for aprize
(or part of prize) of equal or greater value, for any reason, in its
sole and absolute discretion. TheSponsor Anaheim Ducks Hockey
Club, LLC, Anaheim Arena Management, LLC and Retail SportsMarketing,
Inc. are not responsible for any lost, misplaced, stolen, expired,
unclaimed or unused tickets.The Prizes are subject to all terms
and conditions contained on back of the gift card. The totalapproximate
retail value of all prizes to be awarded in this Sweepstakes is
$3,720.00. If a prize isunclaimed, it will not be awarded.
Income and all other taxes are the sole responsibility of each
Winner.Winners are advised to seek independent counsel regarding
the tax implications of accepting the prize.

ENTRANT AGREES for entrantand for entrant’s heirs,
executors, administrators, representatives, insurers and assigns: (A)
to releaseand hold harmless Contest Entities , Contest prize
suppliers, including but not limited to Anaheim Ducks
Hockey Club, LLC , Anaheim Arena Management, LLC, The Kroger Co.,
Ralphs, Arrowhead®, Blue TritonBrands, Inc., Retail Sports
Marketing Inc., any other organization responsible for sponsoring,
fulfilling,administering, advertising or promoting this Contest,
and each of their respective past and presentofficers,
directors, employees, agents, representatives, dealerships,
distributors, franchisees, designees,owners, shareholders,
parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates (individually and
collectively,“Released Parties”) from and against
any and all claims, expenses, liabilities, personal injury, death,illness,
property loss, litigation or damages of any kind to persons and/or
property (including but notlimited to invasion of privacy under
appropriation, intrusion, public disclosure of private facts, false
lightin the public eye or other legal theory, defamation,
slander, libel, violation of right of publicity,infringement of
trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights) that may
occur, directly orindirectly, whether caused by negligence or
not, arising out of such entrant’s entry in this Contestand/or
such entrant’s claim, acceptance, possession, use and/or misuse
of the Prize (or any part of thePrize) awarded; (B) to
indemnify, defend and hold harmless Released Parties from and against
any andall claims, expenses and/or liabilities (including
reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or relating tosuch
entrant’s entry in this Contest and/or entrant’s
acceptance, use and/or misuse of Prize; (C) to bebound by these
Official Rules, to waive any right to claim any ambiguity or error
therein or in thisContest itself, and to be bound by all
decisions of Sponsor which are final and binding in all respects;
and(D) Released Parties are not responsible or liable for any
error, omission, interruption, defects, delay,theft, destruction
or unauthorized access to or alteration of the landing page or entries
or for anymalfunctions of the telephone network, computer
Internet system, computer dating mechanism,computer equipment,
software, or any combination thereof. Sponsor, Ralphs, The Kroger Co.,
AnaheimDucks Hockey Club, LLC, Anaheim Arena Management, LLC and
RSM shall have no responsibility forfailed attempts to contact
the potential Winner. Released Parties are not responsible for, and
entranthereby releases the Released Parties from, any claims
arising from: (i) lost, late, illegible, mutilated,misdirected,
damaged, corrupted, inaccessible, inaccurate or incomplete entries,
entries not received bythe time designated for the end of this
Contest, or for any electronic or human error that may occur inthe
processing of Entries or in the administration of this Contest; (ii)
technical failures of any kind,including but not limited to the
malfunctions or interruptions of any computer, equipment, cable,network,
hardware or software, programing, or failure of an email on account of
technical problems ortraffic congestion on the Internet at any
website or designated landing page; (iii) the unavailability orinaccessibility
of any transmissions or telephone or Internet service; (iv)
unauthorized humanintervention in the entry process or technical
or human error which may occur in the administration ofor
processing of entries in this Contest; (v) any injury or damage to
persons or property, including butnot limited to entrant’s
computer, hardware or software, including which may be caused,
directly orindirectly, in whole or in part, from entrant’s
entry in this Contest; (vi) theft, tampering, destruction, orunauthorized
access to, or alteration of entries; and/or (vii) use and/or misuse of
the Prize (or any part)awarded. Sponsor, The Kroger Co., Anaheim
Ducks Hockey Club, LLC, Anaheim Arena Management, LLCand Ralphs
are not responsible for any electronic or typographical errors in the
printing, advertisement,or reproduction of these Official Rules,
in any advertisement or promotional material related to thisContest
(print or online) or in administration of this Contest including but
not limited to depiction ofPrize (or any part) or announcement
of the Winner. The Winner’s Affidavit will include the

8. PUBLICITY RELEASE: Acceptance of the Prize in this Contest
constitutes the Winner’s permission forContest Entities and/or
their designees to use Winner’s name, testimonial, personal exposition
(and/orany edited portion thereof), photograph, image (still
and/or video), likeness, audio, voice, biographicalinformation,
statements, address (city and state) and/or prize information
(collectively, “Attributes”) forpromotional, advertising and/or
publicity purposes worldwide and in all forms of media now known orhereafter
devised, in perpetuity, without compensation or notice to or further
consent of (except whereprohibited by law) and the Winner agrees
to release Contest Entities and/or their designees from allclaims
arising out of the use of such Attributes.

9. RELEASE OF CLAIMS (CALIFORNIA): Each entrant acknowledges that
there is a possibility that,subsequent to their involvement with
this Contest and adherence to these Official Rules they maydiscover
facts or incur or suffer claims which were unknown or unsuspected at
the time agreeing tothese Official Rules, and which if known by
them at that time may have materially affected their decisionto
enter this Contest. Such entrants acknowledge and agree that by reason
of these Official Rules, andthe release contained in the
preceding subsections, they are assuming any risk of such unknown
factsand such unknown and unsuspected claims. Such entrants
acknowledge that they have read theseOfficial Rules and, as
such, hereby have been advised of the existence of Section 1542 of the
CaliforniaCivil Code, which provides: “A general release
does not extend to claims that the creditor does notknow or
suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release,
which if known by him musthave materially affected his
settlement with the debtor.”For more information about
your rights and how to exercise those rights, please visit Kroger
Co.’sPrivacy Policy:
will not discriminate against you for exercising your rights under

of these Official Rules or Namesof Winners, send a
self-addressed, stamped, envelope by April 17th, 2023 to: Clear the
Ice Challenge, POBox 481926, Charlotte, NC 28269.

11. GENERAL CONDITIONS: This Contest is intended for participation in
the United States only and shallbe construed only according to
United States law. Entrants agree the Contest is governed by New
Yorkstate law. By entering the Contest, entrants agree to be
bound by these Official Rules and agree: (1) theSponsor, The
Kroger Co., Ralphs, Retail Sports Marketing Inc. and their respective
parent companies,subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors,
governors, owners, distributors, retailers, agents, assignees,and
advertising and contest agencies may use (unless prohibited by law)
the entrant’s name, writtenwork, voice, city/state of
residence, photograph, visual and/or audio likeness for advertising

trade purposes, and for any other purpose in any media or format now
or hereafter known withoutfurther compensation, permission or
notification; and (2) to release and hold harmless the Sponsor,Anaheim
Ducks Hockey Club, LLC, Anaheim Arena Management, LLC , The Kroger
Co., and theirrespective advertising and contest agencies and
their respective parent companies, subsidiaries,affiliates,
partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, employees,
officers and directors, fromany and all liability for loss,
harm, damage, injury, cost or expense whatsoever including withoutlimitation,
property damage, personal injury and/or death which may occur in
connection with,preparation for, travel to, or participation in
this Contest, or possession, acceptance and/or use ormisuse of
prize or participation in any Contest-related activity and claims
based on publicity rights,defamation or invasion of privacy and
merchandise delivery.ADDITIONAL TERMS: Any other attempted form
of entry not specified herein is prohibited; noautomatic,
programmed, robotic or similar means of entry are permitted.Sponsor,
The Kroger Co., Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC, Anaheim Arena
Management, LLC ,Ralphs,and their respective affiliates,
partners and contest and advertising agencies are not responsible
fortechnical, hardware, software, telephone or other
communications malfunctions, errors or failures ofany kind, lost
or unavailable network connections, unauthorized human intervention,
traffic congestion,incomplete or inaccurate capture of entry
information (regardless of cause) or failed, incomplete,garbled,
jumbled or delayed computer transmissions or other errors of any kind,
whether human,mechanical or electronic, which may occur in game
play and the distribution of prizes in this Contest.Sponsor
reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate,
modify, or suspend this Contestshould it determine, in its sole
discretion, non-authorized human intervention or other causes
beyondits control corrupt or affect the administration,
security, fairness or proper conduct of the Contest. Insuch
case, Sponsor will select the winner from all eligible entries
received prior to and/or after (ifappropriate) the action taken
by Sponsor.Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion,
to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering withthe
entry process or the operation of the Contest. Additionally, Sponsor
reserves the right to prosecuteany fraudulent activities to the
full extent of the law.

12. SPONSOR: Blue Triton Brands, Inc. 900 Long Ridge Road Building 2,
Stamford, CT 06902.