American Standard – Diy Days Giveaway Sweepstakes


The past few months have meant more down time at home. It’s also meant that your toilet has been working overtime, and you may have noticed it’s time for an upgrade. We’re here to help update the most popular seat in the house to the cleanest seat in the house!

Each week in the month of June, we are giving you the chance to win a VorMax® Plus self-cleaning toilet! If you don’t win this week, be sure to re-enter each week for another chance to win.

Jump on the DIY bandwagon and enter the American Standard #DIYDays Giveaway to win. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more DIY inspiration!

VorMax Plus combines LYSOL® and the uniquely powerful VorMax flush hydraulics, offering the ultimate cleaning experience. The result is a cleaner bowl that helps prevent staining and build up with no extra work- it cleans the bowl with every flush.