Airbnb – Omg Fund Contest – Win tax required to be withheld in the Winner’s Country/Region of Residence

OMG! Fund Contest O cial Rules
Last updated: 22 June 2022
When you enter this Contest, you agree with these terms (“O cial Rules”). Please see the
“Interpreta on and Disputes” sec on below for informa on about the applicable law and
jurisdic on that govern these O cial Rules. If Airbnb makes transla ons of these O cial Rules
available, the English version shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency.
Interpreta on and Disputes
Sponsor: “Airbnb” is the sponsor of this Contest and o ering the OMG! Fund contest
(“Contest”). For the purposes of these O cial Rules and in rela on to data protec on, the
Airbnb en ty shall be based on your Country/Region of Residence:
If your Country/Region of Residence is the United States, you are contrac ng with
Airbnb, Inc., 888 Brannan Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States.
If your Country/Region of Residence is Japan, you are contrac ng with Airbnb Global
Services Limited (“Airbnb GSL”).
If your Country/Region of Residence is outside of the United States and Japan, you are
contrac ng with Airbnb Ireland UC (“Airbnb Ireland”), 8 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2,
“Country/Region of Residence” is determined by either your express selec on in your Entry (as
de ned below), which may be veri ed by Airbnb, or by Airbnb’s assessment of Your residence
using various data a ributes associated with your browser or IP address. If you change your
Country/Region of Residence, the Airbnb company you contract with will be determined by your
new Country/Region of Residence as speci ed above, from the date on which your
Country/Region of Residence changes.
The Contest
Airbnb has established a fund dedicated to making the crea ve, unusual and unique
home-sharing space/lis ng ideas of aspiring Hosts on Airbnb a reality. The aim of this Contest is
to iden fy, through an applica on and judging process, one-hundred (100) people (each
individually a “Winner”; collec vely, “Winners”) who will each receive a grant of up to USD
$100,000 (“Prize”) (subject to ful lling all requirements set forth herein to receive the en rety of
the Prize). The sole purpose of the Prize is to enable each Winner to carry out their plans of
crea ng or renova ng a unique space, with the inten on that upon comple on, guests will have
the opportunity to experience the space by booking it on Airbnb (“Space”). Payments of the
Prize will be made to Winners in three (3) phases of approximately USD $33,333 upon their
individual comple on of thema c, design and construc on milestones, with a total payment of
USD $100,000 to be awarded to Winners who complete all thema c, design and construc on
milestones (as more fully set forth below).
Eligible individuals (“Entrants”/”You”), who at all mes comply with the eligibility condi ons
provided below, may enter the Contest from 12:00am Eastern Time (“ET”) on 22 June 2022 un l
11:59pm ET on 22 July 2022 by the process outlined below. Entries must be submi ed by
following the process outlined in these O cial Rules and be received by the close of the Contest
to be eligible. Entries received a er 11:59pm ET on 22 July 2022 or submi ed by any other
means will not be taken into considera on and will be automa cally disregarded.
The Prize
A total of one-hundred (100) Entrants will be selected to receive the Prize. Each Winner will
receive a monetary grant in the amount of USD $100,000, subject to the Prize distribu on
requirements listed below, and less transac on fees (e.g. currency conversion rates) and any tax
required to be withheld in the Winner’s Country/Region of Residence.
Unless Airbnb is required by Winner’s Country/Region to withhold and pay the income tax
withholding amount levied against the Prize, Winners will be responsible for all taxes (income
and withholding) associated with acceptance and use of the Prize and Winners should take
this into considera on when crea ng a budget for the Space. Winners should be sure to obtain
the services of a tax consultant. Airbnb will have no obliga on whatsoever for any related
taxes or social contribu ons that may be payable in connec on with the Prize if it is not
required for Airbnb to withhold as stated above.
Prize distribu on requirements are intended to ensure that all funds are u lized for the sole
purpose of crea ng the Space. Distribu on of the Prize will occur in three (3) phases:
Thema c Design Phase: Each Winner will receive up to USD $33,334 on or before 31
December 2022 for use in designing and construc ng the Space. (“First Milestone
Design Development Phase: Winners who meet the distribu on requirements listed
below, and on a date no later than 31January 2023, will receive a second milestone
payment of up to USD $33,333(“Second Milestone Payment”). To receive the Second
Milestone Payment, a Winner must provide documenta on in the form of video, photos
or wri en explana on that show comple on of the Space’s exterior and interior
blueprint and/or structural design, along with receipts (or other documented evidence)
showing purchases and spending for the Space build made with the First Milestone
Payment (“Second Milestone Materials”). Speci c details of the required Second
Milestone Materials will be provided to Winner by Airbnb prior to 31 December 2022.
Construc on Documenta on Phase: Winners who meet the distribu on requirements
listed below, and on a date no later than 30 April 2023, will receive a third and nal
milestone payment of up to USD $33,333 (“Third Milestone Payment”), amoun ng to
the full Prize award of USD $100,000. To receive the Third Milestone Payment, a Winner
must provide documenta on in the form of video, photos or explana on that
demonstrates progress of the Space’s exterior and interior build and decora on along
with receipts (or other documented evidence) showing purchases and spending for the
Space build made with the Second Milestone Payment (“Third Milestone Materials”).
Speci c details of the required Third Milestone Materials will be provided to Winner by
Airbnb prior to 30 March2023.
Each of the Winners is solely responsible for all aspects of the design, construc on, and funding
of all aspects of the design, construc on, other than the Prize, including without limita on:
Insurance coverage (for example, homeowner’s insurance, construc on or building
Assistance with the procurement of any or all property, materials, permits, approvals,
architects, designers, contractors, or other aspects that may be required to complete any
aspect of the Space.
For the avoidance of doubt, each of the Milestone Payments set forth above will only be
provided if the Winner can show su cient proof acceptable to Airbnb of (i) the Winner’s
con nued eligibility; and (ii) compliance with the applicable Milestone Materials requirement.
Airbnb Is under no obliga on to ful ll the Prize in its en rety if It determines, in its sole
discre on, that the Winner is unable to complete the Space by the deadline set forth in these
O cial Rules.
As a Winner, (i) You will be limited to using the Prize for the sole purposes of designing,
remodeling, and/or construc ng the Space; (ii) Upon its comple on, You agree to make the
Space available on the Airbnb pla orm, in accordance with the Airbnb Terms of Service; and (iii)
You agree not to list the Space on any short term rental market pla orm or service, other than
the Airbnb pla orm, for a period of twelve (12) months following the ini al lis ng of the Space
on the Airbnb pla orm.
Entering the Contest and/or par cipa on in the Prize is at the Winner’s own risk. By entering the
Contest, Entrant represents to be able to take part in the Contest, receive the Prize, and to carry
out the ac vi es, and comply with the me constraints in these O cial Rules.
Only the Winners will be en tled to the Prize, subject to compliance with these O cial Rules. No
subs tu ons or transfers are permi ed by Winners. Unforeseen or changed circumstances
impac ng a Winner’s ability or availability to take part in the Contest or carry out the
requirements necessary to par cipate in the Contest will result in disquali ca on. The total
value of the Prize is approximately USD $100,000. No di erence between the approximate and
actual Prize value will be provided.
Entrants must be individuals of legal age of majority in their jurisdic on of residence (and at
least aged eighteen (18) or older) and have one of the following as their Country/Region of
Residence: Argen na (excluding Mendoza Province), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada
(Excluding Quebec Province), Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy,
Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Philippines, South Africa,
South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K., U.S. (including Puerto Rico). If
You are not a resident of one of these Countries/Regions, You are not eligible to enter or
par cipate in the Contest.
Moreover, to be eligible for the Contest, Entrants must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Since the Contest and Selec on Process will be conducted in the English language,
Entrants must speak at least an intermediate (conversa onal) level of English;
2. Own the property or have the rights to use the property where the Space is located and
be in possession of, or with the ability to obtain possession of, all building and/or
construc on permits and approvals (if required in Your locality); and
3. Agree to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage to protect the renova on,
build, and/or construc on of the Space and cover all necessary regulatory, health and
safety risks.
The following are not eligible: Airbnb’s directors, o cers, employees, independent contractors,
adver sers and agents, including those of subsidiaries or a liates (collec vely with Airbnb,
“Released Par es”), and the members of their immediate families (including without limita on
to their spouse, partner, housemates, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and
grandchildren, regardless of where they reside) or households, whether or not related.
How to enter
To enter the Contest, You will need to:
1. Go to the h ps:// page (“Site”);
2. Click on the “Apply now” bu on;
3. Accept these O cial Rules
4. Register for a user account with Airbnb (if not already registered) and agree to the
Airbnb Terms of Service. Any personal data you provide as part of registra on, use of
your Account and as part of your par cipa on in the Contest will be processed in
accordance with our Pla orm and entry to the Contest is subject to our Terms of
Service, Privacy Policy, Contest Supplementary Privacy Policy; and
5. Complete and submit the applica on form by providing all required personal and
contact details and answering all mandatory ques ons in English within the
character/word count limits speci ed and for a single property address (“Entry”).
You can only win one Prize, even if You submit mul ple Entries. Di erent Entries must have
di erent email addresses and Spaces. Any a empt by any Entrant to obtain more than the stated
number of Entries per property address for the Space by using mul ple/di erent email
addresses, iden es, accounts and logins, or any other methods will void that Entrant’s Entries
and that Entrant may be disquali ed en rely. Use of any automated system to par cipate is
prohibited and will result in disquali ca on.
You represent that You are of legal age of majority in your jurisdic on (and at least eighteen (18)
years old) at the me You enter the Contest, and reside in an eligible Country/Region of
Residence. By entering, You agree that the Winners will be selected from all eligible Entries
received. You acknowledge that, if selected, Your en tlement to the Prize will be as an individual
and not as a business en ty.
Except in the event (i) of gross negligence or willful intent by Airbnb or (ii) Airbnb has breached
its obliga ons whether legal or contractual or (iii) where it is otherwise prohibited by law,
Released Par es are not responsible for (a) lost, late, incomplete, damaged, inaccurate, false,
stolen, delayed, misdirected, undelivered, or garbled Entries, email or mail or other
communica ons of any kind; (b) computer or network problems, problems with servers,
problems with email accounts; (c) the failure to receive any Entry for any reason whatsoever
which are beyond their reasonable control; or (d) for any other errors of any kind rela ng to the
Contest, whether mechanical, technical, network, prin ng, typographical, human, or otherwise,
including administra on errors or problems a ec ng the administra on of the Contest, the
processing or reviewing of Entries, the announcement of the Prize or the Winners, or in any
Contest-related materials.
You have made and will make certain representa ons and warran es to Airbnb in entering the
Contest, which Airbnb relies on the accuracy and truth of in administering the Contest. Should
Airbnb become aware of any fraud, deceit, or similar ac on undertaken in connec on with the
Contest or otherwise, or any act or omission which Airbnb considers might have an adverse
e ect on the Contest or on Airbnb’s reputa on, Airbnb reserves the right in Airbnb’s absolute
discre on, without no ce to You and/or without giving reasons, to disqualify Your Entry from the
Contest Administra on and Entry Selec on
Final selec on of the Winners will be made by a select panel of four (4) members (“Judging
Panel”). The Judging Panel, along with Airbnb and its contest administrators (collec vely with
the Judging Panel, the “Judges”) will conduct the overall selec on process (“Selec on Process”)
outlined, below:
Selec on Criteria. The poten al Winners, along with twenty- ve (25) runner up reserves
(“Reserves”), will be chosen en rely on merit, based on the criteria set out below (“Selec on
1. 40% Crazy. Unique. Extraordinary: Evalua on of this element includes, but is not limited
to, the loca on of the Space, crea vity and uniqueness of the design.
a. Is Entrant’s proposed Space something Airbnb has never seen before?
b. Is Entrant’s proposed Space a new/innova ve spin on an exis ng space?
c. Is Entrant’s proposed Space taking something that isn’t tradi onally livable and
making it a place to stay?
d. Does Entrant’s proposed Space incorporate one-of-a-kind and unique design
elements and characteris cs?
e. Does Entrant’s proposed Space incorporate an unusual and/or surprising shape
or style?
f. Is Entrant’s proposed Space inspired by everyday objects, animals, or places that
are easily recognizable and interes ng; and/or
g. Does Entrant’s proposed Space include an interior design that re ects the
exterior design aesthe c (e.g., if the exterior resembles a potato, then the
interior design includes walls that look like potato starch).
2. 40% Feasibility: Evalua on of this element includes, but is not limited to, whether the
design is nancially and/or logis cally feasible, and whether the project is reasonably
likely to be completed within the required meframe and proposed budget.
a. Can the Entrant create the Space in 9 months or less?
b. Can the Entrant demonstrate they can legally obtain any permits and
permissions necessary to create the Space?
c. Can the Entrant demonstrate they own or have the right to use the property
where the Space is located?
d. Can the Entrant demonstrate they have permission to build on the property?
e. Can the Entrant demonstrate it has any intellectual property rights (i.e.,
copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) necessary to create the Space?
f. Is the Entrant’s proposed Space in a suitable loca on and will it be eligible for
lis ng as a short term rental?
g. Is the Entrant’s proposed loca on inherently safe for people to visit (e.g., not on
the edge of a cli )?
h. Does the Entrant have a proposed budget for the crea on of the Space?
3. 10% Sustainability: Evalua on of this element includes, but is not limited to, the design’s
incorpora on of environmentally sustainable a ributes and considera on of o se ng
environmental concerns.
a. Will the Entrant’s design for the Space use sustainable material?
b. Does Entrant’s proposed Space incorporate environmentally conscious and
sustainable elements (green roof, garden, etc.)?
c. Will the Entrant’s design for the Space use clean energy?
4. 10% Immersive Experiences: Evalua on of this element includes the overall guest
experience that is created through this design.
a. Will guest stays at the Entrant’s Space o er a unique experience?
b. Are there elements of the decor that make the Entrant’s Space feel immersive?
To evaluate the Selec on Criteria, the Judges will also review the Entry to determine if the
Entrant has demonstrated that Entrant is the owner of the loca on or has the right to use the
loca on of the Space, and:
1. has an exis ng lis ng on Airbnb that requires renova on work that the Prize can bring to
comple on;
2. has an improvement project in progress where the Prize would reasonably aid in
developing the unique quali es of the Space and bring the project to comple on, or
3. at the me of applica on, has plans for a unique space that is only at an idea stage and
the Prize would be enough to see the project completed.
Selec on Process (Phases). The Judges will conduct the Selec on Process by evalua ng the
Selec on Criteria, which may include addi onal requests from Entrants, in four separate phases,
as follows:
1. Phase I/All applicants/Applica on Form Assessment (22 June – 5 August 2022):
Ini al review of the Entries, which must be submi ed by 22 July 2022, by the Judges
resul ng in the selec on of 500 Entrants for Phase II. Phase II Entrants will be
no ed of their selec on on or before 9 August ,2022.
2. Phase II/Top 500/Visuals Assessment (9 August – 25 August 2022): Entrants shall
submit design plans, drawings, mock-ups, photographs, video and/or other materials
for review by the Judges on or before 18 August 2022. The Judges will select 200
Entrants for Phase III. The Entrants will be no ed of their selec on on or before 26
3. Phase III/Top 200/Final Assessment + Video (26 August – 29 September 2022):
Entrants shall submit a video of themselves describing their Space idea, a meline of
the Space build, and high level budget on or before 7 September 2022. The Judging
Panel will select the 100 Winners (and Reserves) on or before 10 October 2022.
4. Phase IV/Top 100/Winner No ca on Following the Selec on Process the Winners
(and Reserves) will be no ed, as indicated below
Winners Con rma on Criteria. If selected as a Winner (and Reserves), Entrant con rms and
1. Entrant is realis cally capable of carrying out and comple ng the Space with the aid
of the Prize no later than 1 August 2023.
2. Entrant has obtained or will be able to obtain, and has received approval or will be
able to receive approval of, all necessary construc on and/or building permits to
carry out the designs if required in their jurisdic on.
3. Entrant agrees to sign up as a Host at ng and can con rm the Space
is or will be eligible to list as a the short term rental on or before 1 August 2023.
Addi onal Judging Terms. The Judges’ decisions are nal and binding. If substan ally similar
Entries are submi ed by di erent Entrants, the Judges will select only the best version of that
idea by applying the Selec on Criteria to the Entry submi ed. In the event of a e, an addi onal
” e-breaking” Judge will determine the poten al Winner(s) from among the ed Entries. Except
where prohibited by law, if in the opinion of the Judging Panel no suitable Entries are received,
then Airbnb may cancel, extend, or repeat the Contest in Airbnb’s sole discre on. Winning will
depend on the Entrant’s skill in sa sfying the Selec on Criteria. Airbnb will not reveal the judging
scores for any Entry, and all scoring is at the sole determina on of the Judges. Judgment is
deemed to take place in the territory of the United States of America.
To the extent permi ed by applicable law, Airbnb may, in Airbnb’s discre on, conduct
veri ca on and background checks, which may include civil and/or criminal, of the informa on
You provide to Airbnb, and on any other element which Airbnb may deem as relevant to Your
applica on to the Contest. By entering the Contest, Entrants expressly acknowledge and agree
that, if they are selected as a Winner, they may be required to provide further informa on about
themselves prior to be deemed an o cial Winner, for example:
1. Con rm proof of eligibility, including proof of government issued ID , Country/Region of
Residence, and current age;
2. Con rm there are no obliga ons restric ng or prohibi ng the ability to appear in media
and marke ng content during or a er the Contest; and
3. Consent in wri ng to a background check.
No ca on/Requirements and Announcement of the Winner
Following the Selec on Process the poten al Winners will be selected by the Judging Panel by
10 October 2022 and will be no ed within two (2) calendar days thereof by email to the
address provided in their Entries. The poten al Winner(s) must:
1. Reply to the ini al Winner No ca on email within one (1) day of such email being sent
to the Winner.
2. Sign and return the English language declara on or a davit of eligibility (determined at
Airbnb’s discre on), a liability release, con den ality agreement, and a publicity release
permi ng Airbnb to use their name, image, and Entry in promo onal materials, where
permi ed by law, all within the me period stated by Airbnb.
3. Commit in wri ng to comple ng the Space in a manner reasonably consistent with the
details and materials submi ed in Winner’s Entry and within the speci ed meframe.
4. Agree to submit evidence of purchases and spending made for the build of the Space as
part of the First Milestone Materials and Second Milestone Materials as a condi on of
receipt and distribu on of the respec ve Second Milestone Payment and Third
Milestone Payment.
If a no ca on is returned as undeliverable, or a poten al Winner is determined to be ineligible
or fails to comply with all mandatory terms and melines as set forth in the O cial Rules, Airbnb
may, at Airbnb’s discre on, disqualify the Winner from the Contest at which me one or more
Reserves will be no ed. Any Reserves will be required to comply with all requirements imposed
on Winners and may be selected from all other Entrants.
In the event of a dispute about the iden ty of a Winner who entered on their own behalf, Airbnb
will award the Prize to the authorized holder of the Airbnb account from which the winning
Entry was sent, provided that person complies with all eligibility requirements. Airbnb may
publicly announce the names and/or the Country/Region of Residence of the Winners within
thirty (30) days of the comple on of the Selec on Process by the Judging Panel, including
through social media channels such as Twi er (@airbnb) and Facebook. This announcement may
include footage of Your video, interview, or no ca on You have won.
Winners represent they will behave as good ci zens and comply with all applicable laws and
regula ons during the Contest and Prize ful llment, that they will cooperate with Airbnb, the
Contest logis cal team, and any other advisors or partners of the Contest, and that they will be
available throughout the Contest and Prize ful llment process. Winners agree they will not by
any act or omission do anything which might bring Airbnb into disrepute. Winners acknowledge
that breach of this representa on may result in the immediate termina on of their par cipa on
in the Contest, immediate ineligibility to receive any addi onal Prize distribu ons, and/or the
immediate repayment to Airbnb of part or all of the Prize.
Prohibited Content
The Entry or content submi ed as part of the Contest must be Your original work, must not have
been previously published, and must not violate the rights of any other party, including but not
limited to intellectual property rights or rights of privacy, publicity, or moral rights. Entries must
not contain: (i) endorsement or promo on of illegal or harmful ac vity; (ii) violent, profane,
vulgar, obscene, defamatory or otherwise objec onable material; (iii) adult material; or (iv)
defamatory content. Airbnb reserves the right to disqualify, at any me, any Entrant who violates
these prohibi ons or any other provision of these O cial Rules, or whose Entry is deemed
inappropriate for any reason by Airbnb.
Licenses and Permissions
By submi ng an Entry, You grant to Airbnb a non-exclusive, perpetual (or for the term of the
protec on granted by the relevant intellectual property rights), worldwide, irrevocable, fully
paid-up and royalty-free right and license to transform, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute,
sub-license, transmit, publish, communicate to the public, broadcast, perform, display, or
otherwise use Your Entry and/or other content submi ed as a part of the Contest, including but
not limited to if a Winner, the Second and/or Third Milestone Materials, and/or photographs,
and/or video of You and/or the completed Space (collec vely, “Contest Materials”), in whole or
in part, with or without modi ca ons, in any form or medium (including internet, any printed
medium distributed via press, video produc on, billpos ng, point of sale adver sing, yers,
lea ets, etc.), whether now exis ng or later developed, for any purpose, including
entertainment, promo onal and/or adver sing. Except where prohibited by law, You agree in
Airbnb’s favor to waive and not to assert or invoke any so-called moral rights in rela on to the
Contest Materials (including the right to be iden ed as the creator of the Space and the right to
object to derogatory treatment of the Entry or the Space). By entering, You guarantee and
warrant to Airbnb that Your Entry is original as referred to above, and that You have all necessary
rights and consents, including exchange control approval where required, to provide the Contest
Materials and to grant to Airbnb the rights set out in these O cial Rules, as well as having the
consent of any person iden ed, depicted, or referred to in Your Contest Materials. If lawful in
Your jurisdic on, You will indemnify and hold the Released Par es each harmless for any breach
of these provisions.
By entering the Contest, You agree, that if selected as a Winner that You may be contacted by
Airbnb, Airbnb’s agents, or Airbnb’s partners in rela on to the Contest, the Prize and/or the
Space; You agree to provide reasonably requested documents in support of Your Entry, including
signed releases and consent forms and documents related to eligibility as required by Airbnb;
You grant Airbnb the right to process Your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy
and any supplementary privacy terms applicable to the Contest You are entering; You agree to
take part in any publicity that occurs as a result of the Contest, the Prize, and/or the Space; and
You agree that Airbnb may use Your name and/or sobriquet and You agree to be lmed,
photographed, and otherwise recorded (including Your voice, image, likeness, performances,
etc.) during the Contest and/or the building and comple on of the Space, including Your making
of statements about the Contest, the Prize, Airbnb and Your ac vi es, experiences and opinions
about Airbnb and/or with respect to the Prize, and that Airbnb may use such recordings for any
and all promo onal or other purposes in any and all media worldwide in perpetuity – the
Winners will have no rights over such materials.
General Liability Release
Save as may be required by any applicable mandatory laws, the Prize will be as referred to in
these O cial Rules and is, to the maximum extent permi ed by law, provided as is with no
express or implied warranty, condi on, or guarantee. This Contest may be subject to mandatory
local laws and regula ons, including tax laws.
The Winner will be required to execute an agreement to con rm acceptance of the O cial
Rules and indemnify the Released Par es and waive and release Airbnb’s liability and the
Released Par es’ liability in rela on to the Contest, the Prize, and construc on and design
defects arising out of or related to Winner’s Space. Airbnb may require the Winner to sign and
return a declara on or a davit of eligibility (determined at Airbnb’s discre on), a liability
release, con den ality agreement, and a publicity release permi ng Airbnb to use their name,
image, and Entry in promo onal materials, where permi ed by law. Refusal or inability to sign
and return any requested declara on, a davit or other document referred to in these O cial
Rules within two (2) calendar days of receipt may result in disquali ca on from redeeming the
By entering the Contest, You release the Released Par es from any liability whatsoever, on any
theory, and waive, to the maximum extent permi ed by applicable law, all claims and causes of
ac on arising from or related to the Contest, its administra on and/or distribu on of the Prize
(including any travel or ac vity related thereto). Regardless of the Selec on Criteria, You are
solely responsible for (i) ensuring the feasibility and soundness of the structural design; and (ii)
the safety of the loca on, design and construc on of the Space, and agree that such obliga ons
and responsibili es are not those of the Released Par es. Nothing in these O cial Rules limits or
excludes any person’s or en ty’s liability for death or personal injury caused by their negligence,
or fraud, or any other liability which may not as a ma er of law be limited.
In rela on to Entrants who are ordinarily residents in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Belgium, the
following General Liability Release applies instead of the paragraph immediately above: Airbnb is
liable under statutory provisions for intent and gross negligence by us, our legal representa ves,
directors, or other vicarious agents. The same applies to the assump on of guarantees or any
other strict liability, or in case of a culpable injury to life, limb, or health. For any negligent
breaches of essen al contractual obliga ons arising from or related to these O cial Rules, the
Contest and/or its administra on by us, our legal representa ves, directors, or other vicarious
agents Airbnb’s liability is limited to the typically occurring foreseeable damages. Essen al
contractual obliga ons are such du es of Airbnb in whose proper ful llment the Entrant
regularly trusts and must trust for the proper execu on of the Contest. Any addi onal liability of
the Released Par es is excluded.
Governing Law and Jurisdic on
If You reside in the United States, these O cial Rules will be interpreted in accordance
with the laws of the State of California and the United States of America, without regard
to con ict-of-law provisions. Judicial proceedings (other than small claims ac ons) must
be brought in state or federal court in San Francisco, California, unless You and Airbnb
both agree to some other loca on. You and Airbnb both consent to venue and personal
jurisdic on in San Francisco, California.
If You reside in a country/region outside the United States, these O cial Rules will be
interpreted in accordance with Irish law. The applica on of the United Na ons
Conven on on Contracts for the Interna onal Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded. The
choice of law does not impact Your rights as a consumer according to the consumer
protec on regula ons in Your jurisdic on. Judicial proceedings that You are able to bring
against Airbnb arising from or in connec on with these O cial Rules may only be
brought in a court located in Ireland or a competent court in Your jurisdic on. If Airbnb
wishes to enforce any of its rights against You as a consumer, it may do so only in the
competent courts in Your jurisdic on.
Governing Language
The O cial Rules and other contest materials are provided in the English language. Transla ons
from English into other languages are provided for Entrants as a courtesy only. You agree that
proceedings to resolve disputes, if any, will be conducted in English.
Cancella on, suspension, modi ca on
Entrant acknowledges that, subject to applicable law and any approvals that may be required,
Airbnb may cancel, suspend, modify or terminate the Contest if Airbnb considers it necessary or
appropriate to do so for reasons or circumstances which are beyond Airbnb’s reasonable control.
Such reasons or circumstances shall include but are not limited to: public health issues (including
COVID-19 and its variants), re, storm, ood, earthquake, explosion, war, invasion, rebellion,
sabotage, epidemic, labour dispute, any ac on or threatened ac on endangering air travel, and
any act, or omission (including laws, regula ons, disapprovals, or failures to approve) of any third
person (including subcontractors, customers, governments, or government agencies).
Furthermore, Entrant waives and releases the Released Par es from any and all claims and
causes of ac on arising from or related to any such cancella on, suspension, modi ca on, or
termina on, to the fullest extent permi ed by applicable law.
The Contest is void outside of the jurisdic ons stated herein, in Quebec, in Mendoza, and where
prohibited. If any provision or part-provision of these O cial Rules is held by a court of
competent jurisdic on to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modi ed to the
minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal, and enforceable. If such modi ca on is not
possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modi ca on to
or dele on of a provision or part-provision under this clause shall not a ect the validity and
enforceability of the rest of these O cial Rules. To the maximum extent permi ed by applicable
law, Airbnb may suspend, modify, or terminate the Contest if Airbnb believes, in Airbnb’s sole
discre on, that malfunc on, error, disrup on, or damage is impairing or will impair the
administra on, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Contest, in which case the
Winners will be selected from the eligible Entries received that were una ected by the problem,
if possible, or as otherwise deemed fair and appropriate by Airbnb.
Country-speci c terms
Tax – Certain Winners may be required to provide Airbnb or its contest administrators with
tax-speci c documenta on in order to be awarded the Prize (e.g. residents of Sweden must
provide social security info for Swedish Tax Authority no ca ons). Such documenta on may
include social security numbers, tax IDs and other documents required in the Winners’ country
of record.
For Residents of Japan – If Entrant’s Country/Region of Residence is Japan, please note that there
is a limit to the number of poten al Winners chosen from Japan, and that this number of
poten al Winners will not exceed a select few.
For Residents of Australia – The personal informa on of Entrant is likely to be disclosed to
countries outside Australia including the United States of America and the UK. If the personal
informa on requested is not provided, the Entrant may not par cipate in the Contest.