– Win a $50 daily lottery prize or $2 lottery every 4 hours! Game

o Play or playing is the act of answering questions by registered users.
o Lottery Tickets are entries in the next upcoming lottery drawing.
o Vested means that you have achieved ownership of the money in your registered account.
o Non-vested means that and its parent company own the money in your registered account.

No purchase is necessary. No purchase is possible.

There are a limited number of plays allowed per player per 24-hour period. The 24-hour clock typically ends in the early evening Eastern Time and may or may not be adjusted for daylight savings time.


Only users registered at ICS can win.
All winners must be 18 years or older and must reside in the United States.

A prize is awarded after completion of a set of questions when you click the “Show me my prize” button.
Most frequently the prize will be lottery tickets along with one or more coins.
1. Sometimes the prize will be an instant cash prize that will be credited to your account.
2. When cash is credited to your account, this cash is the property of ICS and its parent company until your account becomes vested.
3. Whenever your account has $2.00 (two dollars or more USD) in it, the account is automatically vested and you are permitted to transfer your money to your personal PayPal account.
4. Transfer of funds to you via PayPal is the only mechanism by which you can collect your vested cash prize.
5. It is your responsibility to create a PayPal account at and to provide the email address associated with that account on your ICS profile.
6. Your PayPal email address must be unique from all other members of Instant Cash Sweepstakes.
7. If you cancel your account at ICS, all non-vested funds remain the property of ICS and its parent company.
8. Whenever you transfer your money out of your ICS account to your PayPal account, your ICS account reverts to $0.00 and once again becomes non-vested until it rises once again to the $2.00 threshold.
9. Once your account has reached the $100 threshold, you are REQUIRED to cash out and initiate transfer of your winnings to your PayPal account within thirty (30) days. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of all funds in your account and your balance will be reset to $0.00. We apologize for this rule but we are a small self-funded company that can’t afford to have dramatic cash flow swings.
10. Failure to log into your account for 30 consecutive days will result in forfeiture of the funds in your account. Your account will be reset to $0.00. We need to clear the cash “on the books” in inactive accounts so that we can make these funds available to the cash prize system for active members of ICS.
11. ICS also awards cash prizes by holding a daily $50 lottery with one winner.
12. The daily $50 lottery is the one cash prize exception where there is no matching award to the person who invited the winner to ICS. This is a change from prior practice.
13. The daily $50 lottery prize is awarded to a single winning lottery ticket. The odds of winning the $50 daily lottery prize are random, but in general, the more lottery tickets you have at the time of the daily $50 drawing, the greater your chances of winning.
14. The best way to acquire a lot of lottery tickets each day is to play as many sessions as possible during the 24 hour period, earn a higher TrustScore rank so that you earn more tickets per play, and get as many invited friends playing. Whenever they win tickets, you are awarded a 100% matching amount of tickets into your account.
15. You can also increase your odds of winning a lottery by converting some of your coins into lottery tickets.
16. The number of lottery tickets in your account is RESET TO ZERO after each daily $50 lottery drawing and you must rebuild your number of tickets before the next drawing in order to have a chance and increase your odds of winning.
17. There is also a $2 lottery every 4 hours. One winner is selected. If another member invited the winner to ICS, that member is awarded a matching $2 prize. The only way to be eligible to win a $2 lottery is to enter coins into the drawing. If you have the winning coin, you get the $2 prize. The more coins you have entered, the greater your odds of winning. In order to enter a $2 lottery, you must log into your account during the 4-hour window before the next $2 drawing and enter coins into the drawing.
18. Whenever a friend that you have invited to ICS wins tickets, instant cash prizes or a $2 lottery drawing, ICS matches that win and gives you the same exact prize. Thus, players who have a lot of invited friends playing greatly increase their odds of winning.
19. Only a single inviting friend can be linked to a member. If two members invite the same new player by an invitation link, invitation widget or other mechanism… the first inviting friend to be linked to that new member “owns” the new member and any other inviting friends are locked out from a prize matching relationship with the new member.
20. Once linked to an inviting friend, you cannot be unlinked.
21. It is forbidden for players to possess more than one ICS account. Opening more than one account will disqualify your wins. ICS does watch IP addresses and other clues that a player may be trying to “game” the system by opening multiple accounts. Attempting to use a PayPal account email address in an account when that address is already in our system is a strong indication that you have multiple accounts. If deemed by ICS that you are playing more than 1 account, you will be banned.
22. By playing, you agree to accept these rules. You accept that all decisions by ICS are final and non-appealable.
23. ICS may modify these rules without prior notice or cancel the game at any time.
24. In the event the sweepstakes/game is ever canceled, the contents of all users’ accounts will automatically be reverted to a non-vested status, regardless of their contents and will become the sole property of ICS.
25. ICS reserves the right to ban a user at any time at its sole discretion.
26. Anyone receiving $600 or more in cash and goods from ICS in a given calendar year will be required to provide all information needed for ICS and its parent company to issue an IRS form 1099-Misc as required by law. Cash or goods that will take you over the $600 limit will not be delivered until receipt of this information.

1. You can convert coins into lottery tickets at any time to increase your odds of winning that day’s lottery.
2. You will receive coins for every survey that you answer. On days where you answer at least 5 surveys, you also receive a 100% match for the coins your invited friends earn that same day. On days where you answer at least 10 surveys, you also receive a 100% match for the coins your invited friends’ friends earn that same day. By inviting friends who then also invite friends, you have an amazing opportunity to amass coins and then put many more lottery tickets into a drawing on days where you feel lucky.
3. Coins accrue in your ICS account until you convert them into lottery tickets or enter them in $2 lottery drawings. Thus, unlike lottery tickets, which are zeroed out at the conclusion of each daily $50 drawing, all unused coins “rollover” perpetually.
4. All tallies of coins are official and non-disputable.
5. Any claims of failure to receive friends and friends’ friend’s coins will be investigated and corrected in a good faith effort on a going-forward basis. ICS will deal fairly, but please know that in our experience, claims of not receiving credit for friend’s activities are almost always the result of invited friends failing to use the link click-through at the time of their registration. ICS cannot be held responsible for this failure.
6. ICS reserves the right to shut down the coins system at any time. In such event, all outstanding coins will be converted into lottery tickets on a one-to-one basis and funded into your account at a rate of up to 10,000 per week until paid off. As an example, if you have 80,000 coins and ICS decides to shut down the coins system you will receive 10,000 lottery tickets into your account for the next 8 weeks to replace the loss of the coins.
7. By playing at ICS you accept these rules.
8. These rules may be amended at any time.